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Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The extent of parallelism between the innumerable hieroglyphs or picture-writing on the tombs and monuments of India find Egypt and the symbols and emblems of Freemasonry, taken together with their esoteric interpretation, has caused very many well-thinking Freemasons to believe in an Indian or Egyptian origin of our speculative institution of the present day. So close and numerous are these symbols and their meaning that it becomes difficult for the mind to free itself from a fixed conclusion; and some of the best students feel confident in their judgment to this end, more especially when tracing the Leader, "Moses, learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians," from that country to Palestine with the twelve tribes of Israel and their successors building that Holy House in Jerusalem, which has become the chief Masonic symbol. Some have abominated this theory on the ground of alleged polytheism existing among the Egyptians; but this existed only at a later day in the life of the nation, as it also existed among the corrupted Jews in its worst form, for which see Second Kings, chapters 17 to 21.

Brother Thomas Pryer presents this evidence of a monotheistic belief, of pristine purity, among the early Egyptians, ages prior to Abraham's day. We give the hieroglyphs and their interpretation in the illustration.

How prophetical were the Books of Hermes.

O Egypt Egypt! a time shall come, when, in lieu of a pure religion, and of a pure belied thou wilt possess naught but ridiculous fables incredible to posterity, and nothing will remain to thee, but words engraven on stone, the only monuments that will attest thy piety.

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