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The duty of a Freemason as an honest man is plain and easy. It requires of him honesty in contracts, sincerity in affirming, simplicity in bargaining, and faithfulness in performing. To sleep little, and to study much; to say little, and to hear and think much; to learn, that he may be able to do; and then to do earnestly and vigorously whatever the good of his fellows, his country, and mankind requires, are the duties of every Freemason.

Northern Freemason is quoted in Palmer Templegram. September, 1926, to the following effect: The very first duty that an Entered Apprentice acknowledges is to improve himself in Masonry. How many truly and sincerely attempt to discharge that duty? What would be the success of a lawyer who ever again looked into a law book after his admission D the bar- a minister of the Gospel, who never read the Bible after his ordination; a doctor who never took up medical work after securing his sheepskin; or that f any other profession, who does not take up post graduate studies?

And yet you find Freemasons pretending to be Masonic lights, who never read a Grand Lodge Proceedings a report on Foreign Correspondence, or a Masonic periodical Some of them, perhaps, can glibly repeat certain portions of the ritual, but could not give an intelligent interpretation of the same to save their lives.

Masonic reading is an essential part of the education of a Freemason, and it is never too late to begin, but it is always better to begin early. It is the duty of the Worshipful ;Master to impress this fact upon newly-made Masons, but if they themselves are in the class of nonreaders. how can we expect from them such wholesome advice?

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