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Dowland Manuscript

First published by James Dowland, in the Gentelman's Magazine, May, 1815 (volume lxxxv, page 489). "Written on a long roll of parchment in a very clear hand , apparently early in the seventeenth century, and very probably is copied from a manuscript of earlier date." Brother William J. Hughan says: "Brother Woodford, Mr. Sims, and other eminent authorities, consider the original of the copy, from which the manuscript for the Gemtelman's Magazine was written, to be a scroll of at least a century earlier than the date ascribed to Mr.Dowland's manuscript, that is, about 1550."

The original manuscript from which Dowland made his copy has not yet been traced. Hughan's Old Charades, the edition of 1872, contains a reprint of the Douwland Manuscript.

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