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Centenary Jewels and Warrants

In England when a Lodge celebrates the hundredth year of its anniversary it is permitted to choose a special jewel for the occasion.

In 1867 the particular design to be used was authorized and illustrated for the first time in 1871 when the Book of Constitutions was issued.

Before that time each Lodge was permitted to select its own design, securing the approval of the Grand Master before using the jewel.

As a result of this method there are forty-two of the older Lodges now in possession of Special Centenary Jewels of different designs and which may, be worn by all subscribing members of the particular Lodge.

Many Centenary Warrants were issued before 1871 but it is during that year that the first special provision was made for them. In order to secure one of the Warrants a Lodge must prove uninterrupted existence for one hundred years.

The English Royal Arch Chapters come under this same ruling.


That which happens every hundred years.

Masonic Bodies that have lasted for that period very generally celebrate the occasion by a commemorative festival.

On the 4th of November, 1852, almost all of the Lodges of the United States celebrated the centennial anniversary of the initiation of George Washington as a Freemason.

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