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One who had attained the Second Degree of the Essenian or early Christian Mysteries and assumed the name of Canstans. There were three degrees in the ceremonies, which, to a limited extent, resembled the Pagan services.

Of the three classes, the first were Auditors, the second Catechumens, and the third the Faithful.

The Auditors were novices, prepared by ceremonies and instruction to receive the dogmas of Christianity.

A portion of these dogmas was made known to the Catechumens, who, after particular purifications, received baptism, or the initiation of the theogenesis Divine regeneration; but in the grand mysteries of that religion-the incarnation, nativity, passion, and resurrection of Christ-none were initiated but the Faithful.

The Mysteries were divided into two parts -the first, styled the Mass of the Catechumens; the second, the Mass af the Faithful.

Many beautiful ceremonies and much instruction touching these matters will be found in that most enticing Degree called Prince of Mercy, and known as the Twenty-sixth in the Scottish Rite services.

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