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The French Freemasons thus call some of the proofs and trials to which a candidate is subjected in the course of initiation into any of the degrees. In the French Rite, the voyages in the Symbolic Degrees are three in the first, five in the second and seven in the third. Their Symbolic designs are briefly explained by Ragon (Cours des Initiations; pages 90, 132) and Renoir (La Franche-Maonnerie, page 263): The voyages of the Entered Apprentice are now, as they were in the Ancient Mysteries, the symbol of the life of man. Those of the Fellow-Craft are emblematic of labor in the search of knowledge Those of the Master Mason are Symbolic of the pursuit of crime, the wandering life of the criminal, and his vain attempts to escape remorse and punishment. It will be evident that the ceremonies in all the Rites of Freemasonry, although under a different name, lead to the same Symbolic results.

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