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Tyre , Quarries Of

It is an error of Doctor Oliver, and some other writers, to suppose that the stones of the Temple of Jerusalem were furnished from the Quarries of Tyre. If there were such quarries, they were not used for that purpose, as the stones were taken from the immediate vicinity of the edifice (see Quarries).



Those who sustain the hypothesis that Freemasonry originated at the Temple of Solomon have advanced the theory that the Tyrian Freemasons were the members of the Society of Dionysian Artificers, who at the time of the building of Solomon's Temple flourished at Tyre. Many of them were sent to Jerusalem by Hiram, King of Tyre, to assist King Solomon in the construction of his Temple. There, uniting with the Jews, who had only a knowledge of the speculative principles of Freemasonry, which had been transmitted to them from Noah, through the patriarchs, the Tyrian Freemasons organized that combined system of Operative and Speculative Masonry which continued for many centuries, until the beginning of the eighteenths to characterize the Institution. This hypothesis is maintained with great ingenuity by Lawrie in his History of Freemasonry, or by Doctor Brewster, if he was really the author of that work, and until recently it has been the most popular theory respecting the origin of Freemasonry. Out as it is wanting he the support of historical evidence, it has yielded to the more plausible speculations of recent writers.

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