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Knoop, Jones, Hamer

Except where otherwise indicated these books were written by Douglas D. Knoop and G. P. Jones in collaboration:

The Medieval Mason: An Economic Histony of English Stone Building in the Later Middle Ages and Early Modern Times; Manchester University Press; 1933. Begemann's History of Freemasonry; 1941; 15 pages. Bolsover Castle Building Account, 1936; 56 pp. Decline of the Master Architect; 1937; 8 pp. The Early Masonic Catechisms (Knoop, Jones, Douglas Hamer) 1943 M. U. Press, 200 pp. Freemasonry and the Idea of Natural Religion London; 1942; 16 pp. The Genesis of Speculative Masonry (by Knoop)- London, 1941; 31 pp. A Handlist of Masonic Documents; M. U. Press; 1942; S5 pp. Impressment of Masone for Windsor Castle; Maemillan, London; 1937. An Introduction to Freemasonry; M. U. Press; 1937- 136 pp.

The London Mason in the Seventeenth Centurv, M. U. Press; 1935- 92 pp. The Mason Word (Knoop)- The Prestonian Leeture; 1938. Masonic Historv Old and Zeus; 1942; 16 pp. Nomenclature of Alasonic MSS. and Handlist of MSS; London; 59 pp; 1941. On the Connection Between Operative and Speculative Mason7~v (Enoop)Sheffield, 1935. Pure Antient Masonry (Knoop)- 62 pp. 1939. Rzse of the Mason Contractor; London; 1936- 24 pp. The Scottish Mason and the Mason U ord, M. U. Press1939; 113 pp. A Short Histo7~v of Freemasonry to 17SO M. U. Press; 1940; 148 pp. The Sixteenth Centurv Mason- 1937, 20 pp. The Two Earliest Masontc MSS (Knoop, Jones, and Douglas Hamer); M. U. Press1938; 215 pp. Bro. Douglas D. Knoop was born in Manchester, September 16, 1883. He was educated in Germany, Switzerland, and at Manchester University. During 1906-7 he was in the United States. In 19l0 he was placed in charge of the Economic Section of the University of Sheffield; was made a Professor in 1920. He is an established authority on the theory of economics.

Bro. Knoop was made a Mason in University Lodge, No. 3911, Sheffeld, December 1921; was Exalted in Loyalty Chapter, No. 296; and founder of University Chapter, Sheffeld. Took Mark Degree in Cleeves No. 618; is Knight Tenoplar, member of Rose Croix, Red Cross of Constantine, Societas Rosicrucianae in Anglia, etc. He w as elected to active membership in Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research No. 2076, in 1931, and has occupied its East. A number of the brochures listed above are reprints from A. Q. C. Because of interests in his own profession his studies in Freemasonry have inevitably been centered on the economics of Operative Masonry working conditions, rules, wages, etc. The data have been a valuable contribution to Masonic historical research. (Note The bibliography given above is not complete, and includes no titles later than 1942.)

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