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The sacred cord used in the Hindustance initiation, which writers on ritualism have compared to the Masonic Apron. Between eight and fifteen years of age, every Hindu boy is imperatively required to receive the investiture of the Zenrzaar. The investiture is accompanied by many solemn ceremonies of prayer and sacrifices. After the investiture, the boy is said to have received his second birth, and from that time a Hindu is called by a name which signifies "twice born." Coleman (Mythology of the Hindus, page 155) thus describes the Zennaar: The sacred thread must be made by a Brahman. It consists of three strings, each ninety-six hands, forty-eight yards, which are twisted together: it is then folded into three, and again twisted, these are a second time folded into the same number, and tied at each end in knots. It is worn over the left shoulder, next the skin extending half-way down the right thigh, by the brahmans, Ketries, and Vaisya castes. The first are usually invested with it at eight years of age, the second at eleven, and the Vaisya at twelve. The period may, from especial causes, be deferred; but it is indispensable that it should be received, or the parties omitting it become outcasts.

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