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The first Masonic meeting held in Wyoming was of an informal nature and took place on the top of Independence Roek, Natrona County, on July 4,1862, at sunset. Several trains of immigrants had arrived and it was decided by about twenty Brethren to hold a celebration to commemorate the day and event. On December 15, 1874, the Masters and Wardens of Cheyenne, No. 16; Wyoming, No. 28; Laramie, No. 18, and Evanston, No. 24, adopted a Constitution and Grand Officers were elected and installed. On October 12, 1875, the first Annual Grand Communication of the Grand Lodge of Wyoming was held at Laramie. The Grand Lodge of Colorado chartered Cheyenne Lodge, No. 1G, of Cheyenne, October 7, 1868. Wyoming Lodge, No. 28, at South Pass City, was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Nebraska, June 23, 1870. Lararnie Lodge No. 18, Laramie City, was granted a Charter on September 28, 1870, by the Grand Lodge of Colorado while also issued a Charter on September 30, 1874, to Evanston Lodge No. 24, at Evanston.

In his report to the Triennial Convocation of the General Grand Chapter held on September 19, 1871, the General Grand High Priest, Companion Joseph E. Dyas, stated that he had issued a Dispensation to Wyoming Chapter, No. 1. A Dispensation for the formation of a Grand Chapter of Wyoming was signed on April 6, 1909, by Companion Dyas who also approved the Constitution and By-laws on April 19. Eight Chapters with Charters and two working under Dispensations existed in Wyoming at the time.

The officers of the General Grand Chapter gave a Dispensation to a Council at Cheyenne on June 24, 1895, but it was annulled October 11, 1897. Other Dispensations were granted and after a time annulled and not until 1918 was a Charter issued, when Wyoming, No. 1, at Casper, having a Dispensation dated May 1, 1918, was chartered five months later on September 30. Laramie, No. 2, at Laramie City, received a Dispensation, November 1, 1920, and a Charter September 27, 1921. Sheridan, No. 3, at Sheridan received a Dispensation, December 16, 1922, and a Charter September 9, 1924.

Wyoming Commandery, No. 1, worked under Dispensation issued March 15, 1873, until it was given a Charter on December 3, 1874. Three subordinate Commanderies, Wyoming, No. 1; Ivanhoe, No. 2, and Immanuel, No. 3, were in existence when the Grand Commandery of Wisconsin was organized by authority of the Grand Encampment on September 23, 1886. It was instituted on March 8, 1888.

On October 24, 1901, four Bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, were chartered at Cheyenne, namely, Wyoming Consistory, No. 1; Cheyenne Council of Kadoshj No. 1; Albert Pike Chapter of Rose Croix, No. 2, and Rocky Mountain Lodge of Perfection, No. 3.

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