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g In the Hebrew, represented by :. The seventh letter of the English, Latin, and Romanic alphabets. In the Greek and many other alphabets it is the third in place; in the Russian, Wallachian, and some... g..a..o..t..u. An abbreviation of Grand Architect of the Universe (see Great Archit of the Universe) . gabaon A significant word in the advanced Degrees. Oliver says (Landmarks i, 335), "in philosophical Masonry, heaven, or, more correctly speaking, the third heaven, is denominated Mount Gabaon, which is... gabaonne In French Masonic language the widow of a Master Mason. Derived from Gabaon. gabor Hebrews n::, strong. A significant word in the advanced Degrees. gabriel Hebrew, 9 , a man or hero of God. The name of one of the archangels, referred to in some of the advanced Degrees. He interpreted to Daniel the vision of the ram and the he-goat, and made the prophecy ... gaedicke, johann christian A bookseller of Berlin, born on the 14th of December, 1763, and initiated into Freemasonry in 1804. He took much interest in the Order, and was the author of several works. the most valuable and best ... galahad Also spelled Galaad. Most probably in Doctor Mackey's opinion, the latter is a corruption of Gilead. The name of a pure and noble Knight, Sir Galahad, of the Round Table who sought the Holy Grail... gambetta, leon French statesman, born at Cahors on April 2, 1838, the son of a Genoese grocer and a Frenchwoman. Studied for the law at Paris and although hindered by the accidental loss of an eye, his energy won fo... gangler The title given to the candidate in the Scandinavian Mysteries, signifying wanderer. The application is also made to the sun. garibaldi, giuseppe (joseph) Renowned Italian patriot, born at Nice, July 4, 1807, died June 2,1882, at Caprera, a small island off the north coast of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. Son of a sailor, he commanded a vessel in 1... gartnerinnen, orden der Order of the Female Gardeners, an Italian political order whose members were women, founded in Naples, 1820. Its emblems were flowers. The Italian name was Ordine della Giardiniere. gassicourt, cadet de An apothecary of Paris, who, in the year 1796, published a work entitled Le Tounbeau de Jacques Molai, ou histoire secrete et abrade des initis anciens et modernes (meaning, Sepulcher of Jacques Moray... gaston, john Grand Duke of Tuscany; in 1737 he inaugurated a persecution against the Freemasons in his dominions. gates of the temple In the system of Freemasonry, the Temple of Solomon is represented as having a gate on the east, west, and south sides, but none on the north. In reference to the historical Temple of Jerusalem, such ... gauntlets Gloves formerly made of steel and worn by knights as a protection to their hands in battle. They have been adopted in the United States, as a part of the costume of a Knights Templar, under a regulati... gavel The common gavel is one of the working tools of an Entered Apprentice. It is made use of by the Operative Mason to break off the corners of the rough ashlar, and thus fit it the better for the builder... gebal A city of Phenicia, on the Mediterranean, and under Mount Lebanon. It was the Byblos of the Greeks, where the worship of Adonis, the Syrian Thammuz, was celebrated. The inhabitants, who were Giblites ... gematria Means in Hebrew to reckon by letters as well as numbers, a cabalistic method of interpreting the Scriptures by interchanging words whose letters have the same numerical value when added (see Numbers).... general grand chapter Until the year 1797, the Royal Arch Degree and the Degrees subsidiary to it were conferred in America, either in irresponsible Bodies calling themselves Chapters, but obedient to no superior authority... general grand high priest The presiding officer of the General Grand Chapter of the United States of America. He is elected every third year by the General Grand Chapter. The title was first assumed in 1799, although the Gener... generalissimo The second officer in a Commandery of Knights Templar, and one of its representatives in the Grand Commandery. His duty is to receive and communicate all orders, signs, and petitions; to assist the Em... generous freemason The first Masonic opera, the libretto written by Brother William Rufus Chetwood, prompter at Drury Lane Theater, London, for eighteen years, beginning 1722. Sixty-one years before Brother Mozart compo... gentleman mason In some of the old lectures of the eighteenth century this title is used as equivalent to Speculative Freemason. Thus they had the following catechism What do you learn by being a Gentleman Mason? Sec... genuflection Bending the knees has, in all ages of the world, been considered as an act of reverence and humility, and hence Pliny, the Roman naturalist, observes, that "a certain degree of religious reverenc... geometric points In the language of French Freemasonry, this name is given to the four cardinal points of the compass, because they must agree with the four sides of a regular Temple or Lodge. They form a symbol of re... geometrical master mason A term in use in England during the eighteenth and early in the following century. By the primitive regulations of the Grand Chapter, an applicant for the Royal Arch Degree was required to produce a c... geometry In the modern instructions, geometry is said to be the basis on which the super6trueture of Freemasonry is erected; and in the Old Constitutions of the Medieval Freemasons of England the most prominen... george iv Born 1762; died 1830. King of Great Britain. February 6, 1787, in a Special Lodge, the Duke of Cumberland, Grand Master, made George IV, then Prince of Wales, a Freemason. The Duke of Cumberland died ... georgia Major-General James Edward Oglethorp, founder of the Colony of Georgia on February 12, 1733, also founded on February 10, 1734, the Masonic Lodge now known as Solomon's Lodge No. 1, at Savannah, ... georgia At its 1921 Annual Communication the Grand Lodge of Georgia established an educational loan fund, and at its 1900 session made an appropriation therefor. The purpose of the loan is to enable worthy ch... gerbier, doctor An energetic Freemason, and, as mentioned in the Royal Masonic Cyclopedia, one of the removable Masters of the ancient Grand Lodge of France. He is said to have fabricated the title of the Metropolita... german ritual The principal systems of ritual or wodung in Germany are: 1. The old English as remodeled by Schroeder and used by the Grand Lodge of Hamburg, most of the Lodges under the Grand Lodge of Saxony and al... german southwest africa Three German Lodges exist here, at Lderitzbucht, Swakopmund and Windhuk, the Kaiser Friedrich III Lodge from 1910, Zur Hoffnung Lodge from 1908, and the Kranzchen zur Kreuz des Sudens, 1909. Following... german union of two and twenty A secret society founded in Germany, in 1786, by Doctor Bahrdt, whose only connection with Freemasonry was that Bahrdt and the twenty-one others who founded it were Freemasons, and that they invited t... germany Of all countries Germany plays the most important part in the history of ancient Freemasonry, eince it was there that the gilds of Operative Stone-Masons first assumed that definite organization which... ghemoul binah thebounah Hebrew, meaning, as usually explained, Prudence in the midst of vicissitude. The Hebrew characters are: ..The name of the seventh step of the mystical Kadosh Ladder of the Ancient and Accepted Scottis... ghiblim The form in which Doctor Anderson spells Giblim. In the Book of Constitutions, 1738 (page 70) it is stated that in 1350 "John de Spoulce, called Master of the Ghiblim," rebuilt Saint George&... gibalim A Masonic corruption of Giblim, the Giblites, or men of Gebal (see Giblim). gibbon, edward English historian, author of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Made a Freemason in Friendship Lodge No. 6, London, in March, 172'5, Born April 27, 1737; died 1794 (see New Age Magazine, March... gibeah A Hebrew word signifying a hill, and giving name to several towns and places in ancient Palestine. The only one requiring special mention is Gibeah of Benjamin, a small city about four miles north of ... giblim Hebrew, oh. A significant word in Freemasonry. It is the plural of the noun Gibli, the g pronounced hard, and means, according to the idiom of the Hebrew, Giblites, or inhabitants of the city of Geba... gilds The word gild, guild, or geld, from the Saxon gildan, to pay, originally meant a tax or tribute, and hence those fraternities which, in the early ages, contributed sums to a common stock, were called ... gilgul, doctrine of We learn from Brother Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie's Royal Masonic Cyclopoedia that Certain of the learned Jews have believed, for man centuries, in the doctrine of Gilgul, according to which the bodi... gilkes. peter william Surname spelled in some old Masonic records as Jilks and so pronounced. An English Freemason who devoted practically his entire life to the dissemination of knowledge retarding the ceremonies of the C... girard, stephen A wealthy Freemason, widely known for his philanthropies. Born in France, May 20, 1750. Visited New York in 1774, in the meantime a sea captain, and began a trade to and from New Orleans and Port au P... girdle In ancient symbology the girdle was always considered as typical of chastity and purity. In the Brahmanical initiations, the candidate was presented with the Zennar, or sacred cord, as a part of the h... glaire, peter maurice A distinguished Freemason, who was born in Switzerland in 1743, and died in 1819. In 1764, he went to Poland, and became the intimate friend of King Stanislaus Poniatowski, who confided to him many im... glastonbury, holy thorn of There is an ancient market town in Somersetshire, England, which owes its origin to a celebrated abbey, founded, according to tradition, in 60 A.D. We are further told that Joseph of Arimathea was the... gleason, benjamin Masonic ritualist. Graduated at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, in 1802, and was a public lecturer on geography and astronomy. About 1801 received the Preston Lectures from Thomas Smith We... globe In the Second Degree, the celestial and terrestrial globes have been adopted as symbols of the universal extension of the Order, and as suggestive of the universal claims of brotherly love. The symbol... globes, the It happens that unlike the majority of symbols and rites a certain number of written data are in existence about the origin of the symbolism's of the two Globes. The oldest Lodges did not have t... golden circle, knights of the About 1835 there were in the South an undetermined number of "Southern Rights" Clubs set up to send out slavers, to protect, and uphold, and to proclaim the slaveholding system. After they h... good shepherd, sign of the When Jesus was relating (Luke - xv) the parable in which one having lost a sheep goes into the wilderness to search for it, He said: "And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rej... goose and gridiron An alehouse with this sign, in St. Paul's Church Yards London. In 1717 the Lodge of Antiquity met at the Goose anal Gridiron, and it was there that the first Quarterly Communication of the Grand ... gordon, james Provincial Grand Master over the Lodges warranted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, east of Balbos in Andalusia, Southern Spain, appointed August 3, 1807 (see History of Freemasonry and Grand Lodge of S... gormogons A secret society established in 1724, in England, in opposition to Freemasonry. One of its rules was that no Freemason could be admitted until he was first degraded, and had then renounced the Masonic... gothic architecture Of all the styles of architecture, the Gothic is that which is most intimately connected with the history of Freemasonry, having been the system peculiarly practiced by the Freemasons of the Middle Ag... gothic constitutions A title sometimes given to the Institutions which are supposed to have been adopted by the Freemasons at the City of York, in the tenth century, and so called in allusion to the Gothic architecture wh... gothic style, the An architectural style is a set, or system, of principles which include within themselves a structural form, and a mode of ornamentation; the last named never being added on, as by an afterthought but... gould's history of freemasonry Gould's History of Freemasonry, by Robert Freke Gould; Revised by Dudley Wright; under the supervision of Melvin M. Johnson and J. Edward Allen; Charles Seribner's Sons; New York, N. Y.; six... gould, robert freke This well-known historian of Freemasonry had a varied career. Born in 1836, and died March 26, 1915. He entered the English army at the age of eighteen, becoming a lieutenant in the same year, and ser... gourgas, john james joseph A merchant of New York, who was born in France in 1777, and received a member of the Scottish Rite in 1806. His name is intimately connected with the rise and progress of the Ancient and Accepted Scot... grades of workmen In the general craft of men in the Middle Ages who worked with stone in the construction of buildings, bridges, etc., there were classifications into kinds, which differed much among themselves; and t... grail, the holy One of the legend cycles of the Middle Ages centered in the Holy Grail (or Graal), the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper. According to the legend the cup was neither lost nor destroyed but... grain of mustard, order of the The German name is Der Orden vom Senf Korn. An order instituted in Germany, based on Mark iv, 30 and 32, the object being the propagation of morality. grammar One of the seven liberal arts and sciences, which forms, with Logic and Rhetoric. a triad dedicated to the cultivation of language. "God, ' says Sanctius, "created man the participant o... grand architect A Degree in several of the Rites modeled upon the Twelfth of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. It is the Sixth Degree of the Reform of Saint Martin; the Fourteenth of the Rite of Elected Cohens;... grand chapter A Grand Chapter consists of the High Priests, Kings, and Scribes for the time being, of the several Chapters under its Jurisdiction, of the Past Grand and Deputy High Priests. Kings and Scribes of the... grand commander of the eastern star The French expression is Grand Commandeur de l'Etoile d'Orient. A Degree in Pyron's collection. grand conclave The title of the presiding Body of Templarism in England is the Grand Conclave of the religious and Military Order of Masonic Knights Templar. grand conservators On July 1, 1814, the Grand Mastership of the Order in France, then held by Prince Cambacres, was, in consequence of the political troubles attendant upon the restoration of the monarchy, declared vaca... grand consistory The governing Body over a State of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite; subject, however, to the superior Jurisdiction of the Supreme Council of the Thirty-third. The members of the Grand Consistor... grand council The title given to the first three officers of 3 Royal Arch Chapter. Also the name of the superintending Body of Cryptic Freemasonry in any Jurisdiction. It is composed of the first three officers of ... grand director of the ceremonies An important officer in the United Grand Lodge of England; a similar office to that of Grand Master General of Ceremonies of a Supreme Council, upon whom the order of the Grand Body largely depends, a... grand east The city in which the Grand Lodge, or other governing Masonic Body is situated, and whence its official documents emanate, is called the Grand East. Thus, a document issued by the Grand Lodge off Mass... grand elect, perfect and sublime mason The Fourteenth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (see Perfection, Lodge of). grand high priest The presiding officer of a Grand Royal Arch Chapter in the American system. The powers and prerogatives of a Grand High Priest are far more circumscribed than those of a Grand Master. As the office ha... grand inquiring commander The Sixty-sixth Degree of the Rite of Mizraim grand inspector, inquisitor commander The Thirty-first Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. It is not a historical Degree, but simply a judicial power of the advanced Degrees. The place of meeting is called a Supreme Tribunal... grand lodge manuscript, no. 1 A roll of parchment, nine inches in length and five in breadth, containing the Legend of the Craft and the Old Charges. It is preserved in the Archives of the Grand Lodge of England, having been bough... grand lodge offices The Book of Constitutions of 1723 states explicitly that when delegates from four or more Lodges met in conference in 1716 their only purpose was to arrange for a general assembly and feast for Lodges... grand master The chief presiding officer of the Symbolic Degrees in a Jurisdiction. He presides, of course, over the Grand Lodge, and has the right not only to be present, but also to preside in every Lodge, with ... grand master architect The French is Grand Matre Architect. The Twelfth Degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. This is strictly a scientific degree, resembling in that respect the Degree of Fellow Craft. In it th... grand master mason The title given to the Grand Master in the Grand Lodge of Scotland. grand master of all symbolic lodges The French title of this officer is Vnerable Maitre de toutes les Loges. The Twentieth Degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The presiding officer is styled Vnrable Grand Master, and is as... grand mastership, the Ever since its beginning as a Fraternity Freemasonry has made changes in its rules, customs, rites; it has even made alterations, and as it had to make them in order to hold its place in a changed wor... grand stewards lodge In 1719 Grand Master Desaguliers "forthwith revived the old regular and peculiar Toasts or Healths of the Free Masons." "In 1728 he proposed that a certain number of Stewards should be ... greenleaf, simon More than one American Masonic scholar or statesman has declared (and the writer concurs) that the Achilles heel of American Freemasonry is its neglect of, or its ignoring, or its refusal to recognize... greuze, jean baptiste Born August 21, 1725; died at Paris, March 4, 1805. A celebrated French painter and engraver, his work highly praised by Dixmerie and Diderot of his own generation and still maintains its early reputa... gridley, jeremy Born March 10, 1701/2, Boston, Massachusetts, graduated from Harvard, 1725. taught school, on June 28, 1728, given Degree of Master of Arts by Harvard, in 1731 founded the Weekly Rehearsal, early Bost... grip In early Masonic works this is called the gripe. German Freemasons call it der Griff, and the French ones, I'Attouchement. groton In the Leland Manuscripts a corruption of Crotona, where Pythagoras established his school of philosophy. grotto The complete name of this organization is Mystic Order Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm. Al Mokanna, the Veiled Prophet, bears also the name of Hakem ben Haschem, and according to Persian record... ground floor of king solomon"s temple This is said to have been a Mosaic pavement, consisting of black and white stones laid lozengewise, and surrounded by a tesselated border. The tradition of the Order is that Entered Apprentices Lodges... ground floor of the lodge Mount Moriah, on which the temple of Solomon was built, is symbolically called the ground floor of the Lodge, and hence it is said that "the Lodge rests on holy ground." This ground floor Of... gruber, pater hermann The Abbe Pater Hermann Gruber, of the Society of Jesuits, made a life-long profession of Anti-Masonry. He is known to American Masons by his article on the Craft in the Catholic Encyclopedia; in Europ... grumbach, sylvester Mentioned in the legend of the Strict Observance, and was the reputed Grand Master of the Templars from 1330 to 1339, and the twenty-second Grand Master. guard of the conclave See Knight of the Christian Maria guards Officers used in working the ceremonies of the Red Cross and Templar Degrees. They do not constitute regular officers of a Council or Commandery, but are appointed for a particular purpose. guatemala A republic of Central America. The Grand Orient of Colombia organized in 1881 Constance Lodge at Cartagena. This divided into three others affiliated with the Grand Orient of Central America. On Octob... guerrier de dumast A distinguished French Freemason, born at Nancy on February 26, 1796. He was the author of a poem entitled La Maonnerie, in three cantos, enriched with historical, etymological, and critical notes, pu... guglielmus tyrius Wrote a history of the crusades having many references to the Knights Templar. An edition of this work was published at London in 1640. gugomos, gottlieb franz, freiherr von, An impostor in Freemasonry, who, in 177O, appeared in Germany, and, being a member. of the Order of Strict Observance, claimed that he had been delegated by the Unknown Superiors of the Holy See, or p... guibbs The names given to the Assassins of the Third Degree by some of the inventors of the advanced Degrees, are of so singular a form as to have almost irresistibly led to the conclusion that these names w... guichard, jean franois A famous literary Freemason; born at Chartrettes, near Melun, France, May 5, 1731; died there on February 23, 1811. He wrote a number of books including some comic operas and sprightly verse. His name... guillemain de st. victor, louis A distinguished French writer, who published several works on Freemasonry, the most valuable and best known of which is his Recueil Prcieus de la Maonnerie Adonhiraanite, meaning Choice Selections of ... guillotin, doctor joseph ignace Famous French physician and zealous Freemason. Born at Saintes, May 28, 1738; died at Paris, March 26, 1814. Often credited with inventing the guillotine, a machine for beheading those condemned to de... gustavus iv, King of Sweden. He was initiated into Freemasonry, at Stockholm, on Starch 10, 1793. Ten years after, on March 9, 1803, Gustavus issued an Ordinance by which he required all the secret societies in hi... gymnosophist The Eighth Degree of the Cabalistic Rite. gymnosophists Signifying naked sages. A name given by the Greeks to those ancient Hindu philosophers who lived solitarily in the woods, wore little or no clothing, and addicted themselves to mystical contemplation ... gypsies Cornelius Van Paun, more generally known as De Paun, in his Philosophical Researches on the Egyptians and Chinese, published at Paris, 1774, advances the theory that Freemasonry originated with the Gy... Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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