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h In Hebrew the letter is n. Cheth; the hieroglyph was an altar as in the illustration, and finally the Hebrew n. The eighth letter in the alphabet, and in Hebrew has the value in number of 8, while t... h. . a. . b. . An abbreviation of Hiram Abif h. g. w. Initials of an expression frequently used by visiting English Brethren to convey the hearty good wishes of the Master and Brethren of their own Lodge to the officers and members of the Lodge visited. ... h.-. k.-. t.-. The abbreviation for Hiram, King of Tyre h.-. r.-. d.-. m.-. An abbreviation of Heredom or Herodem habakkuk The Hebrew is "pipan", meaning a struggler, a favorite. The eighth of the twelve minor prophets. No account is contained in the Book of Habakkuk, either of the events of his life or the date... haberdashers' company, the worshipful Writing in 1837 William Herbert said of this company "They were incorporated by letters patent of the 26th of Henry Vl Anno 1447, by the style of the Fraternity of St. Catherine of the Virgin, of... habin The Hebrew is p'an, Intelligus. Name of the initiate in the Fourth Degree of the modern French Rite, sometimes given as Johaben, or Jabin. habramah or jabamiah The Hebrew word is probably "noan" , the Fanum excelsum or high holy place. The French explanation is that the word was applied to a holy place or an elevation near the altar in the Jewish T... hacquet, g. a. French notary at Port-au Prince, subsequently a member of the Grand Orient of Paris, and President of the Royal Arch Chapter at Paris in 1814. hadeeses An Arabic word, signifying the traditions handed down by Mohammed and preserved by the Mohammedan doctors. They are said to amount to 5266 in number. Many of the traditions of Mohammedan Freemasonry a... hadly, benjamin English Freemason said to have attended the Occasional Lodge at The Hague for the conferring of the first two Degrees on the Duke of Tuscany and Lorraine, afterwards Emperor Francis I. William Preston... hafedha The second of the four gods worshiped by the Arak tribe of Ad, before the time of Mohammed, to which Hud, or Heber, was sent. These were Sakia, the god of rain; Hafedha, the preserver from danger; Raz... hagar The old lectures taught the doctrine, and hence it was the theory of the Freemasons of the eighteenth century, that the landmark which requires all candidates for initiation to be free born is derived... haggai According to Jewish tradition, Haggai was born in Babylon during the captivity, and being a young man at the time of the liberation by Cyrus, he came to Jerusalem in company with Joshua and Zerubbabel... hague, the A city of the Netherlands, formerly South Holland. Freemasonry was introduced there in 1731 by the Grand Lodge of England, when an occasional Lodge was opened for the initiation of Francis, Duke of Lo... hah The Hebrew definite article "n" or the. It forms the second syllable of the Substitute Word. hahnemann, samuel christian friedrich Famous physician. Born April 10, 1755, at Meissen, Saxony, and a member of the Lodge Minerva at Leipsic, Germany, from 1817. Founder of the homoeopathic system. He died at Paris on July 9, 1843. hail or hale. This word is used among Freemasons with two very different significations. l. When addressed as an inquiry to a visiting Brother it has the same import as that in which it is used under like circumsta... hale, nathan American patriot, born at Coventry, Connecticut, in 1756. Gave his life for his country in 1776, when he was hanged as a Spy by the British in New York City on September 29. He was a member of Saint J... hall committee A Committee established in all Lodges and Grand Lodges which own the buildings in which they meet, to which is entrusted the supervision of the building. The Grand Lodge of England first appointed its... hall, masonic For a long time after the revival of Freemasonry in 1717, Masonic Lodges continued to meet, as they had done before that period, in taverns. Thus, the Grand Lodge of England was organized, and, to use... hallelujah Meaning Praise the Lord. Expression of applause in the Degree of Sublime Ecossais, Heavenly Jerusalem, and others. halliwell manuscript The earliest of the old Constitutions. It is in poetic form, and was probably transcribed in 1390 from an earlier copy. The manuscript is in the King's Library of the British Museum. It was publ... hamaliel The name of the angel that, in accordance with the Cabalistical system, governs the planet Venus. hamburg In 1733, the Earl of Strathmore, Grand Master of England, granted a Deputation "to eleven German gentlemen, good Brothers, for constituting a Lodge at Hamburg" (see Anderson, Constitutions, ... hamilton, alexander American economist and statesman, born January 11, 1757, in West Indies, and as the result of a duel with Aaron Burr at Weehawken, New Jersey, died, July 12, 1804. Organized an artillery company in Re... hamilton, hon. robert, m.a., m.d. Born 1820; died May, 1880, at Jamaica, of which island he was District Grand Master. This English gentleman was a member of the Queen's Body Guard. He was appointed District Grand Master of Jamai... hancock, john Born January 12, 1737; died October 8, 1793. President of the Continental Congress from May 1775, to October 1777, and the first to attach his name to the Declaration of Independence. He took the Maso... hand In Freemasonry, the hand as a symbol holds a high place, because it is the principal seat of the sense of feeling so necessary to and so highly revered by Freemasons. The same symbol is found in the m... hands, united Clasped hands are a symbol of Jidelity and trust. A Spanish work was published at Vittoria, in 1774, where three hands are shown united in the vignette on the title. hanover Freemasonry was introduced into Hanover, in the year 1744, by the organization of the Lodge Frederick; which did not, however, get into active operation, in consequence of the opposition of the priest... haphtziel The Hebrew word 17N'XEN, in Latin Voluntas Dei. A covered word used in the Twenty-third Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. har The name of the second king in the Scandinavian Mysteries. haram, grand The Seventy-third Degree of the Rite of Mizraim harbinger The title of an officer in the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher, and also in the Knights of Saint John the Evangelist. hardie, james A Freemason of New York, who published, in 1818, a work entitled The New Freemasons' Monitor and Masonic Guide. It evinces considerable ability, was in Brother Mackey's opinion more valuable... harleian manuscripts An old record of the Constitutions of Freemasonry, so called because it forms No. 2054 of the collection of manuscripts in the British Museums which were originally collected by Robert Harley, Earl of... harmony It is a duty especially entrusted to the Senior Warden of a Lodge, who is figuratively supposed to preside over the Craft during the hours of labor, so to act that none shall depart from the Lodge dis... harnouester Lord Harnouester is said to have been elected by the four Lodges of Paris, as the second Grand Master of France, in 1736, succeeding the Earl of Derwentwater. Nothing is known of this nobleman in cont... harodim We owe the Masonic use of this word to Anderson, who first employed it in the Book of Constitutions, where he tells us that "there were employed about the Temple no less than three thousand and s... harodim, grand chapter of An institution under the title of the Grand Chapter of the Ancient and Venerable Order of Harodim was established in London, in the year 1787, by the celebrated Masonic lecturer, William Preston. He t... harodim, prince of In the old lectures of the Ineffable Degrees, it is said that Tito, the oldest of the Provosts and Judges, was the Prince of Harodim, that is, chief of the three hundred architects who Caere the Harod... harper, edwards There svere two Grand secretaries acting together from the Union of the Grand Lodges of England in 1813, Brother Edwards Harper officiating from 1813 to 1838. For twelve rears previously to 1813 Broth... harper, thomas Deputy Grand Master of the Athol Lodge and an ardent Freemason. Published an edition of the Ahiman Rezon in 1800 and two others in 1807 and 1813. At the Union of the two Grand Lodges he opened the Esp... harris, thaddeus mason The Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D.D., an American Masonic writer of high reputation, was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, July 7, 1767, and graduated at Harvard University in 1787. He was ordained ... harugari, order of Secret society founded in New York City in 1847 or 1848 among immigrants from Germany to preserve the use of the German language and to mutually assist the needy and aid the widows and orphans of the ... haruspices, order of The word Haruspet comes from a Sanskrit word hira, meaning entrails; therefore implying a soothsayer or arus pice. The founder of the Etruscan Order was Tages, doubtless a myth of self-creative power.... hasidim, sovereign prince The Seventy-fifth and Seventy-sixth Degrees of the Rite of Mizraim. It should be Chasidim, which see. hat To uncover the head in the presence of superiors has been, among all Christian nations, held as a mark of respect and reverence. The Eastern nations uncover the feet when they enter a place of worship... hat, the master's History has more than one device for creating its romantic effects, but none more surprising than inversion which is to have something occur where its opposite would be expected. The universal America... haupt-huette Among the German Stone Masons of the Middle Ages, the original Lodge at Strasburg was considered as the head of the Craft, under the title of the Haupt-Hutte, the Head Lodge, or Grand Lodge. hautes grades French, meaning Hiph Dearees, which see hawkins, edward lovell Author of the Concise Cyclopedia and founder of the Miscellanea Latomorum, died on April 17, 1913, and was at the time of his death Senior Warden of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, being appointed to that off... hays, moses michael Born 1739 in Lisbon, Portugal, his parents were Jews. In 1761, while in Jamaica, he secured the appointment of Deputy Inspector-General for North America for the Masonic Rite of Perfection. From Jamai... hayti Freemasonry, which had been in existence for several years in the island of Hayti, was entirely extinguished by the revolution which drove out the white inhabitants. In 1809, the Grand Lodge of Englan... heal A technical Masonic term which signifies to make valid or legal. Hence one who has received a Degree in an irregular manner or from incompetent authority is not recognized until he has been healed. Th... hearing One of the five senses, and an important symbol in Freemasonry, because it is through it that we receive instruction when ignorant, admonition when in danger, reproof when in error, and the claim of a... heart Notwithstanding that all the modern American Masonic Manuals and Masters Carpets from the time of Jeremy L. Cross exhibit the picture of a heart among the emblems of the Third Degree, there is no such... heart of hiram abif There is a legend in some of the advanced Degrees and in Continental Freemasonry, that the heart of Hiram Abif was deposited in an urn and placed upon a monument near the Holy of Holies; and in some o... hebrew chronology The ecclesiastical year commences with the first Nisan, March, but the civil reckoning begins with the first Tishri, September, which is New Year's Day. The following dates are accepted by the He... hebrew words in masonry "Ahiman Rezon," the name given by Laurence Dermott to his edition of the Book of Constitutions for the Ancient Grand Lodge, was intended to be Hebrew but to date Hebraists are not certain of... hecart, gabriel antoine joseph A French Masonic writer, who was born at Valenciennes in 1755, and died in 1838. He made a curious collection of Degrees; and invented a system of five, namely: 1. Knight of the Prussian Eagle; 2. Kni... hecatomb The Greek compound word hecatotombe, from hecaton, meaning one hundred, and bous, ox. and therefore strictly speaking a reference to the sacrifice of one hundred oxen. But the allusion to a sacrifice,... hedge masons This expression has been believed to be applied to a secret society, probably Masonic, but meeting without Warrant or authority. In Transactions, Quatuor Coronati Lodge, 1913 (volume xxvi, part 2, pag... height of the lodge From the earth to the highest heavens. A symbolic expression (see Form of the Lodge). heldmann, dr. friedrich A Professor of Political Science in the Academy of Bern, in Switzerland, and was born at Margetshochheim, in Franconia, November 24, 1770. He was one of the most profound of the German investigators i... hele The curious word in the OB which is pronounced to rhyme with fail and which appears to be contradictive of the pledge of which it is a part has been in continuous use in England since the early Middle... heler A tiler or teghtor. From the AngloSaxon Helan. Also written Hillyar and Hilliar. helmet A defensive weapon wherewith the head and neck are covered. In heraldry, it is a mark of chivalry and nobility. It was, of course, a part of the armor of a knight, and therefore, whatever may be the h... helmets, to deposit In quaint old Templar ritualism, to lay aside the covering of the head. helmets, to recover In the early Templar ritualism, to resume the covering of the head. hemming, samuel, d.d. Previous to the Union of the two Grand Lodges of England in 1813, the Prestonian system of lectures was practiced by the Grand Lodge of Modern Freemasons, while the Atholl Freemasons recognized higher... henne-am-rhym, o. Editor of the fourth volume of the German Encyclopadie (see Lenning) . henrietta maria The widow of Charles I, of England It is asserted, by those who support the theory that the Master's Degree was invented by the adherents of the exiled house of Stuart, and that its legend refers... henry vi King of England from 1422 to 1461. This monarch is closely connected with the history of Freemasonry because, in the beginning of his reign and during his minority, the celebrated Statute of Laborers,... heraldry, masonry and Heraldry in Britain was an art or science, professed by learned specialists and officials, with its foundation in civil law. A coat of arms was in essence a patent in the firm of pictures and devices,... heredom In what are called the High Degrees of the Continental Rites, there is nothing more puzzling than the etymology of this word. We have the Royal Order of Heredom, given as the ne plus ultra, meaning no... hermaimes A corruption of Hermes, found in some of the old Constitutions (see Hermes). hermandad The Spanish word for Brotherhood. An association of the principal cities of Castile and Aragon bound by a solemn league for the defense of their liberties in time of trouble. The sovereigns approved t... hermes In all the old manuscript records which contain the Legend of the Craft, mention is made of Hermes as one of the founders of Freemasonry. Thus, in the Grand Lodge Manuscript, No. 1, whose date is 1583... hermes trismegistus Under the head of "Hermes," reference is made to Hermes (or Mercury), a mythologic character, and to Hermes Trismegistus, a legendary wise man of ancient Egypt. At the time those paragraphs ... hermetic philosophy Pertaining or belonging to that species of philosophy which pretends to solve and explain all the phenomena of nature from the three chemical principles, salt, sulphur, and mercury. Also that study of... hermetic rite A Rite established by Pernetty at Avignon, in France, and more commonly called the Illuminati of Avignon (see Avignon, Illuminati of). heroden "Heroden," says a manuscript of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, iris a mountain situated in the northwest of Scotland, where the first or metropolitan Lodge of Europe was held."... heroine of jericho An androgynous (for both sexes) Degree conferred, in America, on Royal Arch Masons, their wives, and daughters. It is intended to instruct its female recipients in the claims which they have upon the ... herring, james Born in London, England, January 12, 1794; died in France, October 8, 1867; buried in Greenwood Cemetery, New York, October 27, 1867. The family emigrated to America in 1805. James Herring was initiat... hesed A corruption of Chesed, which see. hesse Said to be the real name of the author of the Encyclopadie des Freemaurerei (see Lenning) hesse darmstadt, grand duchy of German state. An early Masonic Lodge, Die drei Disteln, or Three Thistles, here said to have been first organized at Mayence in 1765. The Lodges in Darmstadt were in the Frankfort Eclectic Union and f... hesse-cassel Freemasonry appears to have been founded in this Electorate in 1743, by a Lodge at Marburg, called Zu den drei Lwen, or Three Lions, which afterward took the name of Marc Aurel zum flammenden Stern, o... hexagon A figure of six equal sides constitutes a part of the Camp in the Scottish Degree of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret. Stieglitz, in an essay on the symbols of Freemasonry, published in 1825, in th... hexagram From two words of the Greek language meaning siz and written. A geometrical figure made up of two interlaced equilateral triangles, supposed to possess mysterious powers and frequently used as a symbo... hexapla Greek for sixfold. A Bible arranged with six versions in parallel columns, sometimes spoken of as the Hexaplar.-Text of the Holy Scriptures. hibbut-hakkeber Means the Beating of the sepulcher. A Mohammedan belief as to the state of the soul after death. The form and mode of judgment is explained in Al Koran. The sarcophagus of an orthodox Moslem is so con... hieroglyphics From the two Greek words which signify the engraving of sacred things. Hieroglyphics are properly the expressions of ideas by representations of visible objects, and the word is more peculiarly applie... hierogrammatists The title of those priests in the Egyptian mysteries to whom were confided the keeping of the sacred records. Their duty was also to instruct the neophytes in the ritual of initiation, and to secure i... hieronymites A Hermit Order established in the fourteenth century, formed from the third Order of Saint Francis. Followers of Thomas of Siena, who established themselves among the wild districts of the Sierra More... hierophant or mystagog The Chief Priest of the Eleusinians, selected from the grade of Eumolpidens He was selected for his imposing personal presence, and his dignity was sustained by the grandeur of his attire, his head en... hierophylax Title of the Guardian of the holy vessels and vestments, as used in several Rites. higden, ranulf Ranulf (or Ralph) Higden between 1320 and 1360 (the year of his death) wrote and published in eight books a history of the world, or "universal chronicle," entitled Polychronicon, one of the... high degrees Not long after the introduction of Freemasonry on the Continent, in the beginning of the eighteenth century, three new Degrees were invented and named, Ecossais, Novice, and Knight Templar. These gave... highest of hills In the Old York Lectures was the following passage: "Before we had the convenience of such well-formed Lodges, the Brethren used to meet on the highest of hills and in the lowest of valleys. And ... hindus in freemasonry When Freemasonry was carried into India early in the Nineteenth Century the bearers of it in the majority of instances were military Lodges; and as they gave way to permanent, local Lodges the latter... hindustan, mysteries of Of all the ethnic religions, that of Hindustan is admitted to be the oldest, for its Vedas or sacred books claim an antiquity of nearly forty centuries. However Brahmanism may have been corrupted in m... hinnom A deep valley south of Mount Moriah, known as Gehenna; in which carrion was cast as food for vultures. The holy Valley of Judgment, Jehoshaphat, has been improperly substituted for Hinnom. hirschau, wilhelm von The Abbot Wilhelm von Hirschau, Count Palatine of Scheuren, is said to have been the founder, at the close of the eleventh century, of the German Bauhtten. Having been previously the Master of the Bau... hittites A powerful nation, whose two chief seats were at Kadesh, on the Orontes, and Carchemish, on the River Euphrates, and who subjected as allies, forces from Palestine, Lydia, and the Troad. This great em... hlgh hills In the oldest North Ireland records of Freemasonry are references to "Priests Pillar Lodges" and to "Hedge Masons"; these are taken by the historians of the Irish Craft, Crawley, L... ho-hi A combination of the two Hebrew pronouns m, ho, meaning He, and of, hi, meaning 'n; thus mystically representing the twofold sex of the Creator, and obtained by a Cabalistic transposition or inve... hoben The name given, in some of the advanced Degrees, to one of the three conspirators commemorated in the Master's Degree. The derivation is uncertain. Oben, in Hebrew, means a stone: or it may be a ... hodin The Blind Fate mentioned in the Scandinavian Mysteries (see Balder). hogarth, william Artist and engraver. Born November 10, 1697, and died on October 25, 1767, London. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge at the Hand and Apple Tree Tavern on Little Queen Street at London. This Lodge w... hogg, james Famous Scottish poet, born 1770; died 1835. Became a Freemason in Canongate Kilwinning Lodge in Scotland, May, 1835 (see New Age, May, 1925). holiness to the lord In Hebrew, Kodesh Layehovah. It was the inscription on the plate of gold that was placed in front of the High Priest's miter. The letters were in the ancient Samaritan character (see Exodus xxix,... holland The first mention of the Craft in Holland belongs properly to the history of Freemasonry in Austria. In 1731 Francis, Duke of Lorraine, later Emperor of Austria and Germany, was initiated by Doctor De... holy city, knight of the The Fifth and last of the Degrees of the rectified Rite of the Benevolent Knights of the Holy City, or the Rite of Strict Observance, settled at Wilhelmsbad in 1782. holy ground A Masonic Lodge is said to be held on holy ground, according to the Prestonian lecture, because the first regularly constituted Lodge was held on that holy, consecrated ground wherein the first three ... holy lodge The lectures of the eighteenth century taught symbolically that there were three Lodges opened at three different periods in Masonic history; these were the Holy Lodge, the Sacred Lodge, and the Royal... holy name Freemasonry teaches, in all its symbols and rituals, a reverence for the name of God, which is emphatically caned the " Holy Name." In the prayer .Ahabath Olam, first introduced by Dermott, ... holy of holies Every student of Jewish antiquities knows and every Freemason who has taken the Third Degree ought to knows, what was the peculiar construction, character, and uses of the Sanctum Sanctorum or Holly o... holy place Called also the Sanctuary. It was that part of the Temple of Solomon which was situated between the Porch and Holy of Holies. It was appropriated to the purposes of daily worship, and contained the al... hom The tree of life and man in the Zoroastrian doctrine of the Persians. homaged First employed by Entick, in his edition of the Constitutions, in reference to the installation of the Earl of Kintore, in 1740, as Grand Master: "Who having been homaged and duly congratulated a... honest mason club An early organization formed by certain members of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in the middle of the eighteenth century for the purpose of instructing the Scottish Brethren in the practice and history ... honorable This was the title formerly given to the Degree of Fellow Craft. honorarium When a Degree of Freemasonry is conferred honoris causa, that is, as a mark of respect, and without the payment of a fee, it is said to be conferred as an honorarium. This is seldom done in Ancient Cr... honorary degrees 1. The Mark Master's Degree in the American system is called the honorary Degree of Mark Master, because it is traditionally supposed to have been conferred in the Temple upon a portion of the Fe... honorary masons A schismatic Body which arose soon after the revival in the beginning of the eighteenth century, the members of which rejected the established formula of an obligation, and bound themselves to secrecy... honorary members It is a custom in some Lodges to invest distinguished Freemasons with the rank and title of honorary membership. This confers upon them, as the by-laws may prescribe, sometimes all the rights of activ... honorary thirty-thirds The Supreme Councils of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in the United States have adopted the custom of electing honorary members, who are sometimes called Honorary Thirty-Thirds. They possess ... honors, grand The Grand Honors of Freemasonry are those peculiar acts and gestures by which the Craft have always been accustomed to express their homage, their joy, or their grief on memorable occasions. In the Sy... hoodwink A symbol of the secrecy, silence, and darkness in which the mysteries of our art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane. It has been supposed to have a symbolic reference to the p... hope The second round in the theological and Masonic ladder, and symbolic of a hope in immortality. It is appropriately placed there, for, having attained the first, or faith in God, we are led by a belief... hope manuscript A manuscript cops of the old Constitutions, which is in the possession of the Lodge of Hope at Bradford, in England. The parchment roll on which this Constitution is written is six feet long and six i... horn of plenty The jewel of the Steward of a Lodge (see Cornucopia). horns of the altar In the Jewish Temple, the altars of burnt-offering and of incense had each at the four corners four horns of shittim wood, shittim being a species of acacia having yellowish wood. Among the Jews, as w... hoschea The word of acclamation used by the French Freemasons of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. In some of the Cahiers it is spelled Ozee. It is, as Brother Mackey believed, a corruption of the word ... hosmer, hesikiah lord First Chief Justice of Montana, appointed by President Lincoln, 186S, he organized orderly justice from frontier violence. Born at Hudson, New York, December 10, 1814, he died at San Francisco, Califo... hospitaler An officer in each of the Bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and in the Modern French Rite, one whose duty it is to collect obligatory contributions of the members, and, as the custodia... hospitalers of jerusalem In the middle of the eleventh century, some merchants of Amalfi, a rich city of the kingdom of Naples, while trading in Egypt, obtained from the Calif Monstaser Billah permission to establish hospital... hospitality This virtue has always been highly esteemed among Freemasons. Nothing is more usual in diplomas or certificates than to recommend the bearer "to the hospitality of all the Brethren wheresoever di... houdon, jean antoine Celebrated French sculptor; born March 20, 1741, at Versailles; died at Paris on July 16, 1828. His name appears on the list of members of the Lodge of the Nine Sisters at Paris for 1779, 1783, 1784 a... houel An officer of the Grand Orient of France in 1804. Grand Orator of the Grand Chapter in 1814. houel, jean pierre louis laurent French engraver and painter, born at Rouen about 1735, studied painting and engraving in Italy, and also wrote four volumes entitled voyage Pittoresque de Sicile, de Malte, et de Lipari, 1782-7. His n... hour-glass An emblem connected with the Third Degree, according to the Webb lectures, to remind us by the quick passage of its sands of the transitory nature of human life. As a Masonic symbol it is of comparati... hours of initiation In Masonic Lodges, as they were in the Ancient Mysteries, initiations are always at night. No Lodges ever meet in the daytime for that purpose, if it can be avoided. More recently than the time of br... hours, masonic The language of Freemasonry, in reference to the hours of labor and refreshment, is altogether symbolical. The old lectures contained a tradition that our ancient Brethren wrought six days in the week... how go squares The question was one of the earliest of the tests which were common in the eighteenth century. In the Grand Mystery, published in 1724, we find it in the following form: Q. :How go squares? A. Straigh... hu The name of the chief god among the Druids, commonly called Hu Gadarn, or Hu the Mighty. He is thus described by one of the Welsh bards: "The smallest of the small, Hu is the mighty in the world&... huette A word equivalent among the Stone Masons of Germany, in the Middle Ages, to the English word Lodge. Findel defines it as "a booth made of boards erected near the edifice that was being built, whe... hughan, william james This able and well-known Masonic scholar was born on February 13, 1841, and died on May 20, 1911. His father vas a native of Dunscore, in Scotland, who had settled at East Stonehouse in Devonshire, wh... humility The Divine Master has said, "He that humbleth himself shall be exalted" (Luke, xiv 2), and the lesson is emphatically taught by a portion of the instructions of the Royal Arch Degree. Indeed... hummell, johann nepomu German composer. Born on November l4, 1778, at Pressburg, Hungary, and died at Weimar, Germany, in 1837. Member of the Lodge Amalia at Weimar and a pupil of Mozart's. Sesame celebrated pianoforte... hur The Hebrew word nm, liberty. A term used in the Fourth Degree of Perfect Mistress in the French Rite of Adoption. hutchinson, william Of all the Masonic writers of the eighteenth century there was no one who did more to elevate the spirit and character of the Institution than William Hutchinson of Barnard Castle, in the county of Du... hymns, masonic In the History of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire, England, by Brother Phipps Doran, 1912, we are told that Brother W. Clegg, a member of the Lodge of Harmony, No. 2... Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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