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i The ninth letter in~the alphabets of Western Europe, called by the Greeks Iota, after its Shemitic name. The Hebrew equivalent is, of the numerical value of 10, and signifies a hand. The oldest form... i am that i am The name which the Great Architect directed Moses to use (Exodus iii, 14), that he might identify himself to the Israelites as the messenger sent to them by God. It is one of the modifications of the ... i concerning god and religion A Mason is obliged by his Tenure, to obey the moral law ; and if he rightly understands the Art, he will never be a stupid ATHEIST, nor an irreligious LIBERTINE. But though in ancient Times Masons we... i-colm-kill An island south of the Hebrides, once the seat of the Order of the Culdees, containing the ruins of the monastery of Saint Columba, founded 565 A.D. Tradition plants the foundation of the Rite of Here... i. a. a. t. Reghellini (i, 29) says that the Rose Croix Freemasons of Germany and Italy always wear a ring of gold or silver, on which are engraved these letters, the initials of Ignis, Aer, Aqua, Terra, in allus... i. h. s. A monogram, to which various meanings have been attached. Thus, these letters have been supposed to be the initials of In hoc signo, words which surrounded the cross seen by Constantine. But that insc... i. the dogmatic cabala The origin of the Cabala has been placed by some scholars at a period posterior to the advent of Christianity, but it is evident, from the traces of it which are found in the Book of Daniel, that it a... i.. v.. i.. o.. l.. The initials of a Latin sentence Inveni Verbum in Ore Leonis. Letters of significant words used in the Thirteenth Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. They have reference to the recovery of the... i..n..r..i.. The initials of the Latin sentence which was placed upon the cross: Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum, meaning Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. The Rosicrucians used them as the initials of one of the... iatric freemasonry From the Greek word the art of medicine. Ragon, in his Orthodoxic Maonnique (page 450), says that this system was instituted in the eighteenth century, and thats its adepts were occupied in the search... iconoclasts From the Greek words eikon, meaning image, and klazo, I break. The name used to designate those in the Church, from the eighth century downward, who have been opposed to the use of sacred images, or, ... iconology The science which teaches the doctrine of images and symbolic representations. It is a science collateral with Freemasonry, and is of great importance to the Masonic student, because it is engaged in ... idaho The Grand Lodge of Oregon granted a Dispensation to Idaho Lodge, No. 35, on July 7,1863, and on June 21,1864, a Charter was issued. At a Convention held in Idaho City on December 16, 1867, for the pur... idiot Idiocy is one of the main disqualifications for initiation. This does not, however, include a mere dulness of intellect and indocility of apprehension. These amount only to stupidity, and "the ju... idolatry The worship paid to any created object. It was in some one of its forms the religion of the entire ancient world except the Jews. The forms of idolatry are generally reckoned as four in number. 1. Fet... igne natura renovatur integra A Latin phrase meaning By fire, nature is perfectly renewed (see I.. N.. R..1..) ignorance The ignorant Freemason is a drone and an encumbrance in the Order. He who does not study the nature, the design, the history and character of the Institution, but from the hour of his initiation neith... ih-ho The Cabalistic mode of reading Ho-hi, one of the forms of the Tetragrammaton (see Zo-hi). ii. the literal cabala This division of the Cabala, being, as has already been said, occupied in the explanation of sacred words by the value of the letters of which they are composed, has been extensively used by the inven... ijar The eighth month of the Hebrew civil year. It corresponds to a part of the months of April and May. illinois The Anti-Masonic movement had so great an effect on Freemasonry in Illinois that it practically died. After the agitation ceased the Craft appeared again with renewed vigor. There are thus two early L... illiteracy The word illiteracy, as signifying an ignorance of letters, an incapability to read and write, suggests the inquiry whether illiterate persons are qualified to be made Freemasons. There can be no doub... illuminated theosophists A modification of the system of Pernetty instituted at Paris by Benedict Chastanier, who subsequently succeeded in introducing it into London. It consisted of nine Degrees, for an account of which see... illuminati This is a Latin word, signifying the enlightened, and hence often applied in Latin Diplomas as an epithet of Freemasons. illuminati of bavaria A secret society, founded on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt, who was Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt. Its founder at first called it the Order of the Perfectibilists; but he sub... illuminati of stockholm An Order but little known; mentioned by Ragon in his Catalogue as having been instituted for the propagation of Martinism. illuminism The system or Rite practiced lacy the German Illuminati is so called. * ILLUSTRIOUS A title commonly used in addressing Brethren of the Thirty-Third Degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rit... illustrious elect of the fifteen The title now generally given to the Elect of Fifteen, which see impressment of masons A record of the 1590's shows that at that period there were Lodges in existence in Great Britain which had both Operatives and non-Operatives in their membership; and the records of that period i... in hoc signo vinces On the Grand Standard of a Commandery of Knights Templar these words are inscribed over "a blood-red Passion Cross," and they constitute in part the motto of the American branch of the Order... in memoriam Latin, meaning As a memorial. Words frequently placed at the heads of pages in the Transactions of Grand Lodges on which are inscribed the names of Brethren who have died during the past year. The ful... in perpetuam rei memoriam Latin, meaning In perpetual memory of the thing. independent and regular national grand lodge of france and the french colonies The French title of this organization is Grande Loge Nationale Indpendante et Reguliere pour la France et les Colonies Franaise. Grand Master D. E. Ribaucourt sent us the following information: "... india George Pomfret was in 1728 appointed by the Grand Lodge of England to be Provincial Grand Master of East India (not to be confused with the East Indies) but nothing farther is known of him. The follow... india An extensive peninsula of Southern Asia. The Grand Lodge of England authorized Brother George Pomfret in 1728 to open a Lodge in Bengal. Captain Ralph Farwinter, Pomfret's successor, was appointe... indian calendar An Indian or Hindu year begins in April, thus: First Vaisakha, April 13; First Jyaishtha, May 14; First Ashadha, June 14; First Sravana, July 16; First Bhadrapada, August 16; First Asvina, September 1... indian freemasonry There is no doubt that Indians have been Freemasons, and devoted ones. But the claim has been made that there are Indian customs of so decided Masonic a character that a Freemason would at once assume... indiana The first Lodge in Indiana was organized at Vincennes by Dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, August 27, 1807, as Sincennes Lodge, No. 15. Prior to this, however, Freemasonry had been introd... indians american American Indians, including those in Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America (perhaps 25,000,000 in all), are divided into peoples, and these peoples are divided into either tribes or clans, or bot... indifferents, the This organization flourished in the middle of the eighteenth century in France The rites were of a quasi-Masonic character and both men and women were eligible to membership- The badge was a ribbon, s... indische mysterien or indian mysteries In the German Cyclopedia we find the following: The East Indians have still their mysteries. which it is very probable they received from the ancient Egyptians. These mysteries are in the possession o... indo-china, french Southeast of Asia and south of China, including the protectorates of Annam, Tongking and Cambodia, the colony of Cochin China, and part of the Laos country. At Saigon, Cochin China, the Grand Orient o... induction This word has more than one meaning:1. The Master of a Lodge, when installed into office, is said to be inducted into the Oriental Chair of King Solomon. The same term is applied to the reception of a... inductor The Senior and Junior Inductors are officers in a Council of the Thrice Illustrious Order of the Cross, corresponding to the Senior and Junior Deacons. industry A virtue inculcated amongst Freemasons, because by it they are enabled not only to support themselves and families, but to contribute to the relief of worthy distressed Brethren. "All Masons,&quo... ineffable degrees From the Latin word, ineffabilrs, that which can not or ought not to be spoken or expressed. The Degrees from the Fourth to the Fourteenth inclusive, of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Which a... ineffable name It was forbidden to the Jews to pronounce the Tetragrammaton or sacred name of God; a reverential usage which is also observed in Freemasonry. Hence the Tetragrammaton is called the Ineffable Name. As... ineligible Who are and who are not ineligible for initiation into the mysteries of Freemasonry is treated of under the head of Qualifications of Candidates, which see. information, lawful One of the modes of recognizing a stranger as a true Brother, is from the lawful information of a third party. No Freemason can lawfully give information of another's qualifications unless he has... infringing upon freemasonry The reader will see under Imitative Societies certain observations with regard to these organizations that in some ways resemble the Craft. As imitation is said to be a sincere form of flattery, such ... inherent rights of a grand master This has been a subject of fertile discussion among Masonic jurists, although only a few have thought proper to deny the existence of such rights. Upon the theory which, however recently controverted,... inigo jones manuscript Brother R. F. Gould (History of Freemasonry, volume i, page 63) informs us that this manuscript was published only in the Masonic Magazine, July, 1881. A very curious folio manuscript, ornamented titl... initiate The Latin is Initiatus. 1. The Fifth and last Degree of the Order of the Temple; 2. The Eleventh Degree of the Rite of Philalethes; 3. The Candidate in any of the Degrees of Freemasonry is called an I... initiate in the mysteries The Twenty-first Degree in the Metropolitan Chapter of France. initiate in the profound mysteries The Sixty-second Degree of the collection of the Metropolitan Chapter of France. initiate into the sciences, the Brother Kenneth Mackenzie, in the Royal Masonic Cyclopedia, informs us that this is the title of the Second Degree of a Masonic system founded on the doctrines and principles of Pythagoras. initiated knight and brother of asia The Thirty-second Degree of the Order of Initiated Brothers of Asia (see Asia, Initiated Knights and Brothers of ). initiation A term used by the Romans to designate admission into the mysteries of their sacred and secret rites. It is derived from the word initia, which signifies the first principles of a science. Thus Justin... initiation, babylonian rite of Professor Sayce, in his Hibbert Lecture, on the origin and growth of religion as illustrated by the religion of the ancient Babylonians (page 241), tells us of a tablet which describes the initiation ... inner guard An officer of a Lodge, according to the English system, whose functions correspond in some particulars with those of the Junior Deacon in the American Rite. His duties are to admit visitors, to receiv... inner order Name of the sixth grade of von Hund's Templar system. innovations There is a well-known maxim of the law which says Omnis innovatio plus nontate perturbat quam utilitate prodest, that is, every innovation occasions more harm and disarrangement by its novelty than be... inns and taverns The sketches and floor plans of the Goose and Gridiron on pages 412 and 413 are reminders of the fact that the inns and taverns in which the Speculative Lodges met in Great Britain and America during ... inquisition, the, and freemasonry Speculative Freemasonry appeared in Madrid in 1726, at Gibraltar in 1727, and at about the same time in Paris. The first Italian Lodges were constituted in Tuscany about 1735, and a Lodge was working ... inventory, the lodge If the Minute Books of fifty of the oldest American Lodges as of the period between 1800 and 1825 are compared with the Minute Books of the same Lodges as of the period 1900 to 1925 it will be discove... iowa On July 3, 1838, Congress passed a bill for the organization of the Territory of Iowa, and two years later the brethren in the new State decided to tour a Lodge. On November 19, 1840, a meeting was he... iowa masonic library Shortly after Theodore Sutton Parvin became Iowa's Grand Secretary in 1844 he began the building of a collection of Masonic books which became the first American Masonic library, in the true sens... iram The Hebrew word spelled copy, and in Latin Aureum Excelsus, or of Golden Eminence. The former ruling Prince of Idumea (see Genesis xxxvi 43; First Chronicles i, 54). ireland The early history of Freemasonry in Ireland is involved in the deepest obscurity. It is vain to look in Anderson, in Preston, Smith, or any other English writer of the eighteenth century, for any acco... irish chapters These Chapters existed in Paris from the year 1730 to 1740, and were thence disseminated through France. They consisted of Degrees, such as Irish Master, Perfect Irish Master, and Sublime Irish Master... irish colleges The Irish Chapters are also called by some writers Irish Colleges. irish masonic girls school A philanthropic and benevolent Masonic society for rendering assistance to the needy. In 1789 Chevalier Ruspini, State Dentist to George III, established a Royal Masonic Institution for Girls in Engla... iron tools The lectures teach us that at the building of King Solomon's Temple there was not heard the sound of ax, hammer, or other metallic tool. But all the stones were hewn, squared, and numbered in the... iron worker and king solomon Christian Schussele was born in Alsace, in 1824, studied painting in Paris where he specialized in the historical subjects then in vogue, moved to the United States in 1847, was for eleven years direc... isaac and ishmael The sons of Abraham by Sarah and Hagar. They are recognized, from the conditions of their mothers, as the free-born and the bondman. According to Brother Oliver, the fact that the inheritance which wa... ischngi The Hebrew word Off, the Latin salus mea, my aid. one of the five Masters, according to the Masonic myth, appointed by Solomon after the death of Hiram to complete the Temple. ish chotzeb non ads. Literally meaning in Hebrew, men of hewing, that is, hewers. The phrase was originally used by Anderson in the first edition of the Constitutions (page 10), but is not found in the original H... ish sabbal The Hebrew expression xxxxxxxx, meaning, Men of burden. Anderson thus designates the 70,000 laborers who, in the original Hebrew (First Kings v, 18) are called Noshe Sabal, or bearers of burdens. Ande... ish sodi Corruptly, Ish Soudy. This expression is composed of the two Hebrew words, Ish, and Sod. The first of these words, Ish, means a man, and Sod signifies primarily a couch on which one ret clines. Hence ... isiac table Known also as the Tabula Isiaca, Mensa Isiaca, and Tabula Bembina. A monument often quoted by archeologists previous to the discovery and understanding of hieroglyphics. A flat rectangular bronze plat... isis The sister and the wife of Osiris, and worshiped by the Egyptians as the great goddess of nature. Her mysteries constituted one of the Degrees of the ancient Egyptian initiation (see Egyptian Mysterze... isls-uranea temple This Body was formed in England of Hermetic students in 1887 to give instruction in the mediaeval occult sciences. The Rituals were written in English from old Rosicrucian Manuscripts supplemented by ... israfeel In the Mohammedan faith, the name of the angel who, on the judgment morn, will sound the trumpet of resurrection. italy There is said to have been a Lodge in Italy at Naples as early as 1750 but there is no definite evidence to prove this statement. In 1767, however, according to the English "Constitutions," ... itratics, order of A society of adepts, engaged in the search for the ITniversal Medicine, an organization that is now extinct. Mentioned by Fustier. The name is from the Greek and means healers. ivory key The symbolic jewel of the Fourth Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. On the wards of the key is the Hebrew letter zain or Z. izabud A corruption of Zabud, which see. izads The twenty-eight creations of the beneficent deity Ormudz, or Auramazda, in the Persian religious system. izrachiah The Hebrew words nanny Latin orietur Dominus. 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