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k Hebrew, Kaph. signifying hollow or palm of the hand. This is the eleventh letter of the English alphabet and in Hebrew has the numerical value of 20. In the Chaldaic or hieroglyphic it is represente... kaaba The name of the holy temple of Mecca, which is to the Mohammedans what the Temple of Solomon was to the Jews. It is certainly older, as Gibbon admits, than the Christian era, and is supposed, by the t... kadiri, order of A secret society existing in Arabia, which so much resembles Freemasonry in its object and forms, that Lieutenant R. F. Burton, who succeeded in obtaining initiation into it, called the members Orient... kadosh called also the Holly Man. The French phrase is Kadosch ou l'Homme Saint. The Tenth and last Degree of the Rite of Martinism. kadosh The name of a very important Degree in many of the Masonic Rites. The word is Hebrew, and signifies holy or consecrated, and is thus intended to denote the elevated character of the Degree and the sub... kadosh of the jesuits According to Thory (Acta Latomorum i, page 320) this Degree is said to have been invented by the Jesuits of the College of Clermont. The statement is not well supported. De Bonneville's Masonic C... kadosh prince of death The Twentyseventh Degree of the Rite of Mizraim kadosh, grand, elect knight The Sixty-fifth Degree of the Rite of Mizraim kadosh, knight The Thirtieth Degree of the Scottish Rite (9ee Unix Radoeh) kadosh, philosophic A modification of the original Eadosh, for which it has been substituted and adopted by the Grand Orient of France. The military character of the Order is abandoned, and the Philo sophic Eadosh wear n... kadosh, prince A Degree of the collection of Pyron kaland's brueder, die German for The Brethren of the Calen~ds. A religious brotherhood of the Middle Ages whose name was from the Calends, the first of each month, and whose traditions refer to Solomon's era. kalb, johann Baron de Kalb. Born at Httendorf, Germany, June 29, 1721, and died August l9, 1780. A close friend of Lafayette, he entered the American service as a Major General in 1776, fought in several actions, ... kamea Hebrew, an amulet. More particularly applied by the Cabalists to magic squares inscribed on paper or parchment, and tied around the neck asasafeguardagainst evil (see Magic Squares). kanes doctor elisha kent American scientist and explorer, born at Philadelphia, February 20, 1822, and famous on account of two voyages to the Arctic regions in search of Sir John Franklin, an English Freemason and explorer. ... kansas kansas lodge, u. d. By Dispensation granted to John M. Chivington on August 4, 1854, Grove Lodge was opened in Wyandotte Territory at the house of Mathew R. Walker. A Convention was held on November 14, 1855, at Leavenwo... kansas lodge, u. d. Any Grand Lodge in Annual Communication assembled, and though it were composed of Masonic jurisconsults of the first water, would agree unanimously that no such Lodge as Kansas Lodge U. D. was possibl... karmatians A Mohammedan sect that became notorious from its removal of the celebrated black stone of the Kasba, and, after retaining it for twenty-two years, voluntarily surrendered it. Founded by Sarmata at Ira... kasideans A Latinized spelling of Chasidim, which see. katharsis Greek, The ceremony of purification in the Ancient Mysteries. Muller says that one of the important parts of the Pythagorean worship was the poean, which was sung to the lyre in spring-time by a perso... katipunan Secret society in the Philippine Islands. See Philippine Islands. keeper of the seals An officer called Garde des Sceaul; in Lodges of the French Rite. It is also the title of an officer in Consistories of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The title sufficiently indicates the fun... kellerman, marshal Duke de Valmy, born 1770, died 1835. Member of the Supreme Council and Grand Officer of Honor of the Grand Orient of France; elected 1814. Served in the battles of Marengo, Austerlitz, and Waterloo. ... kelly christopher A Masonic plagiarist, who stole bodily the whole of the typical part of the celebrated work of Samuel Lee entitled Orbis Miraculum, or The Temple of Solomon Portrayed by Scripture fight, and published... kenning's masonic cyclopedia Edited by Rev. A. F. A. Woodford, in London, contemporaneously with the encyclopedia of Dr. A. G. Mackey, in the United States, but published by the well-known Brother George Kenning, London, to whom ... kent, edward augustus, duke of Duke of Strathearn also. Born November 7, 1767, fourth son of George III, England. Father of Queen Victoria. Initiated in 1790 at Geneva and was elected Grand Master of the Ancient December 27, 1813, ... kentucky Until the year 1792, when Kentucky became a separate and distinct State, jurisdiction over its Lodges was exercised by Virginia. On November 17, 1788, Lexington Lodge was chartered by the Grand Lodge ... kenya colony British East Africa where the Grand Lodges of England and Scotland have each chartered a Lodge at Nairobi in this district. key "The Key," says Doctor Oliver (Landmarks I, page 180), "is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry. It bears the appearance of a common metal instrument, confined to the perfor... keystone The stone placed in the center of an arch which preserves the others in their places, and secures firmness and stability to the arch. As it was formerly the custom of Operative Masons to place a pecul... khem The Egyptian Deity, Amon, in the position that is metaphorically used in representations of Buddha and by the Hermetic philosophers, extends one hand toward Heaven and the other toward Nature. khepra An Egyptian Deity, presiding over transformation and represented with the beetle in place of a head. kher-heb The Master of Ceremonies in the Egyptian system of worship. khesvan or CHESVAN. Hebrew, The same Hebrew month as Marchessan, which see. khetem el nabiim Mohammed, the seal of the prophets. khon The title given to the dead, subject to examination as depicted in Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead in the Egyptian Ritual. * KHOTBAH The Confession of Faith under the Mohammedan law. khurum-abi A variation of the name of Hiram Abi. ki A word used in some old ceremonies of the Eighth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. kilwinning As the city of York claims to be the birthplace of Freemasonry in England, the obsscure little village of Kilwinning is entitled to the same honor with respect to the origin of the Order in the sister... kilwinning manuscript Also called the Edinburgh Kilwinning Manuscript. This manuscript derives its name from its being written in a small quarto book, belonging to the celebrated Mother Kilwinning Lodge of Scotland. For it... kilwinning system The Freemasonry practiced in Scotland, so called because it is supposed to have been instituted at the Abbey of Kilwinning. Brother Oliver uses the term in his Mirror for the Johannite Masons (page 12... kilwinning, mother lodge For an account of this Body, which was for some time the rival ) the Grand Lodge of Scotland, see Kilwinning). king The second officer in a Royal Arch Chapter in the United States. He is the representative of Zerubbabel, Prince or Governor of Judah. When the Chapter meets as a Lodge of Mark, Past, or Most Excellent... king of the sanctuary A side Degree formerly conferred in the presence of five Past Masters, now in disuse. king of the world A Degree in the system of the Philosophical Rite. kings, the five The sacred code of the older Chinese. The word kin{, signifies web of cloth, or the warp that keeps the threads in position, or upon which we may weave the somber and golden colors that make up this l... kipling, rudyard Celebrated author and poet. Born in Bombay, India, December 30, 1865. His writings frequently give Masonic allusions peculiarly significant to the Craft. The story of The Man Who Would be Ring is a go... kislev or chislev Hebrew. The third month of the Hebrew civil year, and corresponding with the months November and December, beginning with the new moon of the former. kiss of peace In the reception of an Ancient Knight Templar, it was the practice for the one who received him to greet him with a kiss upon the mouth. This, which was called the Osculum Pacis, or Riss of Peacc, was... kiss, fraternal The Germans call it der Bruder Kuss, the French, le. Baiser Fraternal. It is the kiss given in the French and German Lodges by each Brother to his neighbor on the right and left hand when the labors o... kitchener, viscount horatio herbert Famous English soldier, Commander-in Chief and High Commissioner in the Mediterranean, as well as a member of the Masonic Fraternity with years of active service to his credit. Born June 24, 1850, at ... knigge, baron von A history of Adam Weishaupt and his Order of the Illuminati is given. The work and principles of the Lodges in which each man had been initiated would not be recognizable as Freemasonry by us in Ameri... knights and orders of chivalry A knight originally was a boy in attendance on a prince, and was called an aldor or altherro; from this was a gradual transition first to a knight as a soldier, next as a professional soldier, and las... knights of columbus In the official history entitled The Knights of Columbus in Peace and War, by Maurice Francis Egan and John B. Kennedy (New Haven; Conn; 1920) it is stated that Michael Joseph McGivney, an assistant i... knights templar When the Grand Encampment of the United States met at New Orleans, Louisiana, April 25- 27, 1922, action was taken on an educational movement. Bonds to the amount of one hundred thousand dollars were ... knoop, jones, hamer Except where otherwise indicated these books were written by Douglas D. Knoop and G. P. Jones in collaboration: The Medieval Mason: An Economic Histony of English Stone Building in the Later Middle A... Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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