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l In Hebrew, Samaritan, 4. The shape of the twelfth English letter is borrowed from that of the Oriental lomad, coinciding with the Samaritan. The numerical value in Hebrew is thirty. The Roman numera... l.y. c. Letters engraved on the rings of profession worn by the Knights of Baron von Hund's Templar system. They are the initials of the words in the Latin sentence Labor Viris Convenit, meaning Labor is... la rochefoucault, bayers, le marquis de Grand Master of the Rite Ecossais Philosophique in 1776. A Freemason of considerable note. labarum The monogram of the name of Christ, formed by the first two letters of that word, XPI2TOZ, in Greek. It is the celebrated sign which the legend says appeared in the sky at noonday to the Emperor Const... labor It is one of the most beautiful features of the Masonic Institution, that it teaches not only the necessity, but the nobility of labor. From the time of opening to that of closing, a Lodge is said to ... laborers, statutes of Toward the middle of the fourteenth century, a plague of excessive virulence, known in history as the Black Death, invaded Europe, and swept off fully one-half of the inhabitants. The death of 80 many... lacepede;, b. g. e. de la ville A French savant and naturalist, born in 175d, died 1825. President of the Legislative Assembly in 1791. Master of the Lodge de Saint Napolon in 1805. An account of his installation is recorded by Klos... lacorne The Count of Clermont, who was Grand Master of Francis having abandoned all care of the French Lodges, left them to the direction of his Deputies. In 1761, he appointed one Lacorne, a dancing-master, ... ladder A symbol of progressive advancement from a lower to a higher sphere, which is common to Freemasonry and to many, if not all of the Ancient Mysteries. In each, generally, as in Freemasonry, the number ... ladder of izadosh This ladder, belonging to the advanced Degrees of Freemasonry, consists of the seven following steps, beginning at the bottom Justice, Equity, Kindliness, Good Faith, Labor, patience, and Intelligence... ladder, brahmanical The symbolic ladder used in the Mysteries of Brahma. It had seven steps, symbolic of the seven worlds of the Indian universe. The lowest was the Earth; the second, the World of Coexistence; the third,... ladder, cabalistic The ladder of the Cabalists consisted of the ten Sephiroths or Emanations of Deity. The steps were in an ascending series the Kingdom, Foundation, Splendor, Firmness, Beauty, Justice, Mercy, Intellige... ladder, mithraitic The symbolic ladder used in the Persian Mysteries of Mithras. It had seven steps, symbolic of the seven planets and the seven metals. Thus, beginning at the bottom, we have Saturn represented by lead,... ladder, rosicrucian Among the symbols of the Rosicrucians is a ladder of seven steps standing on a globe of the earth, with an open Bible, Square, and Compasses resting on the top. Between each of the steps is one of the... ladder, scandinavian The symbolic ladder used in the Gothic Mysteries. Doctor Oliver refers it to the Yggrasil, or sacred ashtree. But the symbolism is either very abstruse or very doubtful. It retains, however, the idea ... ladder, theological The symbolic ladder of the Masonic Mysteries. It refers to the ladder seen by Jacob in his vision, and consists, like all symbolical ladders, of seven rounds, alluding to the four cardinal and the thr... lady In the androgynous, both sexes, Lodges of Adoption, where the male members are called Knights, the female members are called Ladies, as, the Knights and Ladies of the Rose. The French use the word Dam... lakak deror pessah The Hebrew words, NDD nn: npi. The initials of these three words are found on the symbol of the Bridge in the Fifteenth Degree of the Scottish Rite, signifying Liberty of Passage and Liberty of Though... lama sabachthani An expression used in the Masonic French Rite of Adoption. The words are from Matthew (xxvu, 46), "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that... lamaism The name of the religion prevalent in Tibet and Mongolia. The Tibetian word, Llama, is pronounced lama, a chief or high priest. The faith is Buddhism, corrugated by Sivaism, an adoration of saints. At... lamb In Ancient Craft Masonry the Lamb is the symbol of innocence; thus in the instructions of the First Degree: "In all ages the Lamb has been deemed an emblem of innocence." Hence it is require... lamb, paschal The Paschal Lamb, sometimes called the Holy Lamb, was the lamb offered up by the Jews at the paschal feast, the Passover. This has been transferred to Christian symbolism, to Easter, and naturally to ... lamballe, the princess of Marie Threse Louise, born at Turin, 1749, devoted companion of Marie Antoinette, who appointed her Superintendent of the Royal Household. Imprisoned with the Queen at the Revolution, she refused to ta... lamp, knight of the inextinguishable A Degree quoted in the nomenclature of Fustier (see Thory, Greta Latomorum I, page 320). lance A weapon for thrusting at an enemy, usually adorned with a small flag, made of tough ash, weighted at one end to balance it in use, and pointed at the other. landmarks In ancient times, it was the custom to mark the boundaries of lands by means of stone pillars, the removal of which, by malicious persons, would be the occasion of much confusion, men having no other ... landmarks, ancient Next only after the Book of Constitutions of the original Grand Lodge which was published in 1723, the Ahimin Rezon which was published by the Antient Grand Lodge in 1756, and Thomas Smith Webb's... lane, john Born in England, in 1843, he died suddenly on December 30, 1899. Statistician of the Masonic Fraternity, as he was so termed by Brother W. J. Hughan. Initiated on September 10, 1878, in the Jordan Lod... langes, savaleite de The Master of Les Amis Runis, meaning Reunited Friends, who aided in founding the system of Philalethes in in 1775. langley, batty An English architect who died March 31, 1751. His Ancient Masonry published in 1736 is dedicated to Francis, Duke of Lorraine and "to all others the Right Hon. and Right Worshipful Masters of Mas... language, universal The invention of a universal language, which men of all nations could understand and through which they could communicate their thoughts, has always been one of the dreams of certain philologists. In ... lansdowne manuscript This version of the Old Charges is of very early date, about the middle or latter half of the sixteenth century, as these Free Masons Orders arul Constitutions are believed to have been part of the co... lanturelus, ordre des Instituted, according to Clavel. in 1771, by the Marquis de Croismare. Its purposes or objects are not now understood lapicida A word sometimes used in Masonic documents to denote a Freemason. It is derived from lapis, the Latin meaning a stone. and caedo, to cut, and is employed by Varro and Livy to signify a StoneCutter. Bu... larmenius, johannes marcus According to the tradition of the Order of the Temple the credibility of which is, however, denied by most Masonic scholars John Mark Larmenius was in 1314 appointed by James de Molay his successor as... larudan, abbe The author of a work entitled Les Franc-Magons ecrass. Suite du livre inlitule l'Ordre des Franc-Maons trahi, traduit du Latin, meaning The Freemasons Crushed, a continuation of the book entitled... lasalle, troubat de One of the founded of the Mother Lodge of the Rite Ecossais Philosophique. later, brazen A large brazen vessel for washing placed in the court of the Jewish tabernacle, where the officiating priest cleansed his hands and feet, and as well the entrails of victims. Constructed by command of... lateran councils They were five in number, regarded as Ecumenical, that is of world-wide importance, and were held in the Church of Saint John Lateran in Rome, in 1123, 1139, 1179, 1215, and 1512. latin language in lodges Latin, the tongue of the ancient Roman Empire is still in the modern study of the sciences and the scholarly classics a language long favored by the universities. In the higher learning it holds tenac... latomia This word has sometimes been used in modern Masonic documents as the Latin translation of the word Lodge, with what correctness we will see. The Greek;latomeion, from the roots laas, a stone, and temn... latomus By Masonic writers used as a translation of Freemason into Latin; thus, Thor entitles his valuable work, Acta Latomorum, meaning the Transactions of the Freemasons. This word was not used in classical... latour d'awergne, le prince de nonresident of the Mother Lodge of the Rite Ecossais Philosophique in 1805, and member of the Grand Orient of France in 1814. latres This word has given much unnecessary trouble to the commentators on the old Records of Freemasonry. In the legend of the Craft contained in all the old Constitutions, we are informed that the children... laurel crown A decoration used in some of the higher Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The laurel is an emblem of victory; and the corona triumphalis, or crown of victory, of the Romans, which was... laurens, j. l. a. French Masonic writer, and the author of an Essai historique et critique star la Franche- Maonnerie, meaning Historical and Critical Essay on Freemasonry, published at Paris in 1805. In this work he g... law, civil, and masonry When in 1799, and to be amended and increased in 1800, the Parliament of Great Britain enacted a law to forbid secret societies (and which was a classic example of " legislation of desperation &q... law, sacred The Sacred Scriptures, the Holy Bible, the Great Light in Freemasonry (see also Sacred Law). lawrence samuel crocke born at Medford, Massachusetts, November 22, 1832, and died there on September 24, 1911. A graduate of Harvard University, a member of the banking firm of Bigelow and Lawrence at Chicago, then in 1858... lawrie, alexander He was originally a stocking-weaver, and afterward became a bookseller and stationer in Parliament Square, Edinburgh, and printer of the Edinburgh Gazette. He was appointed bookseller and stationer to... laws of freemasonry The Laws of Freemasonry, or those rules of action by which the Institution is governed, are very properly divided into three classes: 1. Landmarks. 2. General Laws or Regulations. 3. Local Laws or Reg... lawsuits In the Old Charges which were approved in 1722, and published in 1723, by Anderson, in the Book of Constitutions (page 56), the regulations as to lawsuits are thus laid down: And if any of them do you... lax observance Observantia Lata is the Latin term. When the Rite of Strict Observance was instituted in Germany by Von Hund, its disciples gave to all the other German Lodges which refused to submit to its obedience... lay brothers A Society founded in the eleventh century, consisting of two classes, who were skilled in architecture; also recognized as a Degree in the Rite of Strict Observance. layer A term used in the old Records to designate a workman inferior to an Operative Freemason. Thus: "Alsoe that no Mason make moulds, square or rule to any rough layers" (Harleian Manuscript, No... lazarus, order of An Order instituted in Palestine, termed the "United Order of Saint Lazarus and of our Beloved Lady of Mount Carmel.'' It was a Military Order engaged against the Saracens, by whom it w... le bauld de nans, claude etienne A distinguished Masonic writer, born at Besangon in 1736. He was by profession a highly respected actor, and a man of much learning, which he devoted to the cultivation of Freemasonry. He was for seve... lebanon A mountain, or rather a range of mountains in Syria, extending from beyond Sidon to Tyre, and forming the northern boundary of Palestine. Lebanon is celebrated for the cedars which it produces, many o... lechangeur An officer of one of the Lodges of Milan, Italy, of whom Rebold (History of Three Grand Lodges, page 575) gives the following account. When, in 1805, a Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scot... lecture Each Degree of Freemasonry contains a course of instruction, in which the ceremonies, traditions, and moral instruction appertaining to the Degree are set forth. This arrangement is called a Lecture. ... lecturer, grand An officer known only in the United States. He is appointed by the Grand Master or the Grand Lodge. His duty is to visit the subordinate Lodges, and instruct them in the Ritual of the Order as practic... lectures, history of the To each of the Degrees of Symbolic Freemasonry a catechetical instruction is appended, in which the ceremonies, traditions, and other esoteric instructions of the Degree are contained. A knowledge of ... lefranc The Abb Lefranc, Superior of the House of the Eudistes at Caen, was a very bitter enemy of Freemasonry, and the author of two libelous works against the Craft, both published in Paris; the first and b... left hand Among the ancients the left hand was a symbol of equity and justice. Thus, Apulcius (Metamorphoses 1, xi), when describing the procession in honor of Isis, says one of the ministers of the sacred rite... left side In the symbolism of Freemasonry, the First Degree is represented by the left side, which is to indicate that as the left is the weaker part of the body, so is the Entered Apprentice's Degree the ... legate In the Middle Ages, a Legate, or leqatus, was one who was, says Du Cange (Glossary or Glossarium)," in provincias Principe ad exercendas judicias mittebalur," that is sent by Prince into th... legend Strictly speaking, a legend, from the Latin, legendus, meaning to be read, should be restricted to a story that has been committed to writing; but by good usage the word has been applied more extensiv... legend of the craft The Old Records of the Fraternity of Operative Freernasons, under the general name of Old Constitutions or Constitutions of Freemasonry, or Old Charges, were written in the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixt... legend of the gild A title by which the Legend of the Craft is sometimes designated is in Dreference to the Gild of Operative Masons. legend of the royal arch degree Much of this legend is a myth, having very little foundation, and some of it none, in historical accuracy. But underneath it all there lies a profound stratum of philosophical symbolism. The destructi... legends of middle ages Ancient Craft Masonry of the Three Degrees has no trace of legends in it, of any sort, Ancient or Medieval; the Rite of HA.-. is sometimes called a legend and the first half of the Old Charges is call... lewis, john l. M.-. W. . Bro. John L. Lewis was born at Dresden, Yates County, New York, July 17, 1813--a year notable in American history for marking the climax of the British-American War of 1812, and in Masonic h... liberal arts and sciences In the Ancient world the Liberal Arts and Sciences consisted of grammar, rhetoric, dialectic, arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy; at least, the standard histories of education thus list them, thou... liberia Oriental Lodge at Monrovia, founded early in the nineteenth century, with two others, Saint Paul's and Saint John's, formed a Grand Lodge of Liberia in 1867. This Body has its own Temple and... libertas Latin word, meaning Liberty. A significant word in the Red Cross Degree. It refers to the "Liberty of Passage" gained by the returning Jews over their opponents at the river Euphrates, as de... liberte, ordre de la. French name for Order of Liberty. A French androgyn, both sexes, Order existing in Paris in 1740, and the precursor of La Maconnerie d'Adoption (Thory, Acta Latomorum i, page 320). libertine The Charges of 1722 commence by saying that "a Mason is obliged by his tenure to obey the moral law; and if he rightly understands the art, he will never be a stupid Atheist, nor an irreligious l... liberty of passage A significant phrase in the advanced Degrees (see Libertas). The French rituals designate it by the letters L.-. D.-. P. . as the initials of L~ibert de Passer, or Liberty of Passage. But Brother Pike... liberty, equality, fraternity The motto of the French Freemasons liberty, fraternity, equality The organized, powerful Anti-Masonic crusade which M as launched soon after World War I by Chief of Staff Erie von Ludendorff, to explode over Germany with astounding rapidity and to be one of the pri... libraries, list of masonic A list of the larger Masonic Libraries in the United States was made by the Iowa Masonic Library as of 1940: Iowa Masonic Library, Cedar Rapids, Ia. Scottish Rite Library, S. J., Washington, D. C. New... library It is the duty as well as the interest of Lodges to facilitate the efforts of the members in the acquisition of Masonic knowledge, and no method is more appropriate than the formation of Masonic Libra... libyan or lybic chaln The eighty-fifth grade of the Rite of Memphis; old style. licht, ritter von wahren Knight of the True Light, presumed to have been founded in Austria in 1780, by Hans Heinrich Freiherr von Ecker and Eckhoffen. It consisted of five grades. lichtseher, oder erleuchtete German, meaning the Enlightened. A mystical sect established at Schlettstadt by Kuper Martin Steinbach, in the sixteenth century. Mentioned in the Handbuch, in 1566, by Pastor Reinhard Lutz. It delved... lieutenant grand commander The title of the second and third officers of a Consistory in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and the second officer in a Supreme Council. life The three stages of human life are said in the lectures to be symbolized by the three Degrees of Ancient Craft Freemasonry, and the doctrine is illustrated in the Third Degree by the emblem of the Ste... life member It is the custom in some Lodges to permit a member to become a life member by paying dues for some number of years, say twenty-one to twenty-five), determined by the By-Laws of the Lodge or the immedi... light Light is an important word in the Masonic system. It conveys a far more recondite meaning than it is believed to possess by the generality of readers. It is in fact the first of all the symbols presen... light, to bring to A technical expression in Freemasonry meaning to initiate; as, "He was brought to light in such a Lodge," that is, he was initiated in it. lights, fixed According to the old instructions of the eighteenth century, every Lodge-room was furnished, or supposed to be furnished, with three windows, situated in the East, West, and South. They were called th... lights, greater The Bible, and the Square and Compasses, which see. In the Persian initiations, the Archimagus informed the candidate, at the moment of illumination, that the Divine Lights were dies played before him... ligure. The first stone in the third row of the High Priest's breastplate. Commentators have been divided in opinion as to the nature of this stone; but in the time of Doctor Mackey was supposed by the b... lilis or LILITH. In the popular belief of the Hebrews, a female specter, in elegant attire, who secretly destroys children. The fabled wife of Adam, before he married Eve, by whom he begat devils. lily The plant so frequently mentioned in the Old Testament under the name of lily, as an emblem of purity and peace, was the lotus lily of Egypt and India. It occupies a conspicuous place among the orname... lily work The lily work which is described as a part of the ornamentation of the two pillars in the porch of Solomon's Temple is said to be, from the whiteness of the plant, symbolic of purity and peace. P... lily-of-the-valley A side Degree in the Templar system of France lindbergh, charles a. and other Pioneer Masonic Aviators. Famous air-mail pilot whose non-stop flight from the United States to France, May 2-1, 1927, followed a trip by air from San Diego, California, to St. Louis, Missou... lindner, friederich wilhelm A Professor of Philosophy in Leipsic, who publishedin 1818-9 an attack on Freemasonry`under the title of Mac Benac; Er lebet im Sohne; oder das Positive der Freimaurerez. This work contains some good ... line One of the Working-Tools of a Past Master, and presented to the Master of a Lodge at his installation (see Plumb Line). linear triad Brother Oliver says that the Linear Triad is a figure which appears in some old Royal Arch Floor-Cloths. It bore a reference to the Sojourners, who represented the three stones on which prayers and th... lingam The Iingam and the Youi of the Indian Mysteries were the same as the phallus and dezs of the Grecian (see Phallic Worship). link A Degree formerly conferred in England, in conneetion with the Mark Degree, under the title of the Mark and Link or Wrestle, sometimes known as the Ark, Mark,Link, or Wrestle (see in this connection G... lion of the tribe of judah The connection of Solomon, as the Chief of the Tribe of Judah, with the Lion, which was the achievement of the Tribe, has caused this expression to be referred, in the Third Degree, to Him who brought... lion, chevalier du French for Knight of the Lion The twentieth grade of the third series of the Metropolitan Chapter of France. locke's letter The letter of John Locke which is said to have accompanied the Leland Manuscript, and which contains his comments on it (see Leland Manuscript). lodge hours Brother Laurence Dertnott says (Ahiman Rezon, page xxiii), "that Lodge hours, that is, the time in which it is lawful for a Lodge to work or do business, are from March 25th to September 26th, be... lodge johore royal By-Laws and History of Lodge Johore Royal, No. 3946, E. C. was pubs fished by the Lodge in Johore Bahru, capital of the native Malay state of Johore near Singapore. It was issued "With the Compli... lodge master, english The French expression is Mastre de Lodge Anglais. A Degree in the nomenclature of Thory, inserted on the authority of Lemanceau. lodge master, french In French the title is Maitre de Lodge Franais. The Twenty-sixth Degree of the collection of the Metropolitan Chapter of France. lodge of instruction These are assemblies of Brethren congregated without a Warrant of Constitution, under the direction of a lecturer or skillful Brother, for the purpose of improvement in Freemasonry, which is accomplis... lodge of saint john The Masonic tradition is that the primitive or Mother Lodge was held at Jerusalem, and dedicated to Saint John, first the Baptist, then the Evangelist, and finally to both. Hence this Lodge was called... lodge system of education The Lodge System of Masonic Education was developed by The National Masonic Research Society in 1923. It embodied the experience of hundreds of Lodges and the Society's twenty to thirty thousand ... lodge, latin In the year 1785, the Grand Lodge of Scotland granted a Warrant for the establishment of Roman Eagle Lodge at Edinburgh; the whole of whose work was conducted in the Latin language. Of this Lodge, the... lodge, symbol of the The modern symbol or hieroglyphic of the word Lodge is a rectangle having unequal pairs of sides, the figure which undoubtedly refers to the form of the Lodge as an Oblongs Square. But in the old ritu... lodge, the The discussion of the "Lodge" as part of the furniture of a Lodge on page 599 states a puzzle insoluble in Mackey's time, and one which is not yet wholly solved, though it has been the ... lodge, the word Since the middle of the Nineteenth Century American Masonic jurisprudence has given the word Lodge a fixed and (comparatively) rigid meaning: first, it is a body of Master Masons working under a Warra... lodge, the, in jurisprudence A Lodge is the whole of Freemasonry as Freemasonry is present and at work in a community. It is not a representative of a set of doctrines or general theories, nor a subordinate branch of something wi... lodge-room The Freemasons on the Continent of Europe have a prescribed form or ritual of building according to whose directions it is absolutely necessary that every hall for Masonic purposes shall be erected. N... loge The French word for Lodge. loge anglaise An English Lodge, No 204 organized in the south of France, 1730, and still active. Some merchant captains in the course of their trade put into Bordeaux and founded this Lodge Sunday, April 27, 1732, ... logic The art of reasoning, and one of the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences, whose uses are incuLcated in the Second Degree. The power of right reasoning, which distinguishes the man of sane mind from the ma... lombardy At the close of the dark ages, Idombardy and the adjacent Italian States were the first which awakened to industry. New cities arose, and the kings, lords, and municipalities began to encourage the ar... london At more than one period in Masonry's history London became the Masonic city par excellence; for example, when many French Masters came into England via London at the time of the introduction of t... london rank Authorized by the Grand Lodge of England upon the suggestion of the Grand Master, December 4, 1907, as a means of conferring Masonic honors upon members of those Lodges which were held within a radius... lost word The mythical history of Freemasonry informs us that there once existed a Word of surpassing value, and claiming a profound veneration; that this Word was known to but few; that it was at length lost; ... lotus The lotus plant, so celebrated in the religions of Egypt and Asia, is a species of Nymphaea, or water-lily, which grows abundantly on the banks of streams in warm climates. Although more familiarly kn... louis napoleon Second Adjoint of the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France. Nominated, in 1806, King of Holland. Louis, Napoleon III, was widely known as an interested Freemason. louisiana Freemasonry was brought to San Domingo by Charter from the Grand Orient and the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania at a time when it was peopled chiefly by the Freneh and their negro slaves. The negro insurr... low twelve In Masonic language midnight is so called. The reference is to the sun, which is then below the earth. Low Twelve in Masonic symbolism is an unpropitious hour. low twelve clubs Begun as death benefit clubs the Low Twelve Clubs are in reality an insurance society, and in a majority of States are under the rules and supervision of the State Insurance Commission. Benefits are n... lowen In the Lansdowne Manuscript we meet with this charge: "that a Master or fellow make not a molded stone square, nor rule to no Lowen, nor sett no Lowen work within the Lodge." Brother Hawkins... loyalty Notwithstanding the calumnies of Barruel, Robison, and a host of other anti-Masonic writers who assert that Freemasonry is ever engaged in efforts to uproot the governments within which it may exist, ... luchet, jean pierre louis, marquis de A French historical writer, who was born at Saintes in 1740, and died in 1791. He was the writer of many works of but little reputation, but is principally distinguished in Masonic literature as the a... ludendorff and freemasonry After Germany's defeat in 1918 General Eric von Ludendorff began an open and declared war on Freemasonry with a pronunciamento which began: "Today, Liege Day, General Ludendorff strikes a de... ludewig, h. e. An energetic Freemason, born in 1810, in Germany; died in 1856, in America. By "powers from home" this ardent Brother attempted to set up an independent authority to the existing Grand Lodge... lufton One of the French terms for Louveteau, or Lewis, which see. lully, raymond A celebrated chemist and philosopher, the Seneschal of Majorca, surnamed docteur iUumin, the enlightened doctor His discoveries are most noted, such as the mode of rectifying spirits, the refining of ... lumiere, la grande French for The Grand Light. A grade in the collection of Brother Viany. lumiere, la vraie French for The True alight, or Perfect Mason. A Degree in the Chapter of the Grand Lodge of Royal York of Berlin (Thory, ActaLatomorum i, page 321). luminaries The first five officers in a French Lodge, namely, the Master, two Wardens, Orator, and Secretary, are called Luminaires or Luminaries, sources of light, because it is by them that light is dispensed ... lunus An Egyptian deity, known as Khons Lunus, and represented as hawk-headed, surmounted by the crescent and disk. When appearing with the head of an ibis, he is called Thoth-Lunus. His worship was very ex... lustration From a Latin word meaning both gashing and atonement. A religious rite practiced by the ancients, and performed before any act of devotion It consisted in washing the hands, and sometimes the whole bo... lux Latin for Light, which see. Freemasonry anciently received, among other names, that of Lux, because it is that sublime doctrine of truth by which the pathway of him who has attained it is to be illumi... lux e tenebris Latin, meaning Light out of darkness. A motto very commonly used in the caption of Masonic documents as expressive of the object of Freemasonry, and what the true Freemason supposes himself to have at... lux fiat et lux fit Latin, meaning Let there be light, and there was light. A motto sometimes prefixed to Masonic documents (see True Light). * LUZ An ever-living power, according to the old Jewish Rabbis, residing i... luxemburg An independent Grand Duchy of Europe situated to the southeast of Belgium. In 1774 a Grand Orient with the reigning Duke as Protector was at work in Bouillon, a town which, though now in Belgium, was ... lyon, david murray This well-known writer and historian of Freemasonry in Scotland was initiated in 1856 in Lodge Ayr Saint Paul, No. 204, on the roll of the Grand lodge of Scotland. He was a printer by trade and was at... lyons, congress of A Masonic Congress was convoked in 1778, at the City of Lyons, France, by the Lodge of Chevaliers I3ienfaisants, or Benevolent Knights. It was opened on the 26th of November, and continued in session ... Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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