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q The Hebrew letter p, Q or K, pronounced Koph. The seventeenth letter in the English and modern Latin alphabets. In the Phenician or Ancient Hebrew its form was one circle within another. Its numeric... quadrivium In classical Latin the word quadrivium meant a place where four roads met, and trivium, a place where three roads met. The scholastics of the Middle Ages, looking to the metaphorical meaning of the ph... quadrivium and trivium The seven liberal arts and sciences. The Quadrivium, in the language of the schools, were the four lesser arts, arithmetic, music geometry, and astronomy; while the Trivium wore the trifle were the tr... quakers The question of the admissibility of a Quaker's affirmation in Freemasonry is discussed under the word Affirmation, which see. qualifications In the Cooke MS. which is dated at not later than 1450 A.D. and more probably was written as early as 1410 A.D. are what is believed to be the oldest existing set of rules and regulations left on reco... qualifications of candidates Every candidate for initiation into the mysteries of Freemasonry must be qualified by certain essential conditions. These qualifications are of two kinds, Internal and External. The internal qualifica... quarrels Contention or quarreling in the Lodge, as well as without, is discountenanced by the spirit of all the Old Constitutions of Freemasonry. In the Charges compiled from them, approved by the Grand Lodge ... quarries It is an error to speak, as Doctor Oliver does, misguided by some Masonic traditions, of the quarries of Tyre in connection with the Temple of Solomon. Modern researches have shown without question th... quarterly communication The Old Records of the Institution state that the Fraternity met annually in their General Assembly. The Hallfwell or Regius Manuscript (line 475) says it is true that the Assembly may be held trienni... quaternion From the Latin quatuor, the number Four, which see. Doctor Oliver calls it the quaternary, but quaternion is the better usage. quatuor coronati lodge With the more than half a hundred published volumes of its treatises, notes, and discussions, minutes, and illustrations entitled Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research, No. 2076,... quatuor coronati lodge This Lodge, No. 2076 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of England, was established in 1886, for the purpose of studying the History, Symbols, and Legends of Freemasonry, and it is in fact a Masonic Liter... quatuor coronati, the The fame of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research has made many Masons familiar with the old legend of the Four Crowned Ones who would never have encountered it through the very limited public which ... quebec Although tradition states that a Lodge existed as early as 1755 in Quebec, Freemasonry was probably first introduced by regiments taking part in the capture of the city in September, 1759. Seven of th... queenslander The northeastern state of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Grand Lodge of England warranted North Australian Lodge at Brisbane in 1859. Constituted, August 17, but Warrant dated July 13. In 1885 En... questions of henry vi Questions said to have been proposed by King Henry VI of England to the Freemasons of the kingdom, which, with their answers, are in the Leland Manuscript, which see. quetzialcoatl The Mexican idea of the Deity of Enlightenment. The spirit-man from whom they received their civilization, and for whose second coming they wait. Him for whom they mistook Cortez, and therefore welcom... quorum The parliamentary law provides that a deliberative Body shall not proceed to business until a quorum of its members is present. This law is applicable to Freemasonry, except that, in constituting a qu... Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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