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r The Hebrew letter is 7, pronounced Resh. The eighteenth letter in the English and other Western alphabets- The word Resh signifies forehead and in the Phenician and hieroglyphic character is present... r. s. y. c. s. An abbreviation of Rosy Cross in the Royal Order of Scotland. rabbanaim The word off, is Rabbinical Hebrew, and signifies the Chief of the Architects. A significant word in the advanced Degrees. rabbinism The system of philosophy taught by the Jewish Rabbis subsequent to the dispersion, which is engaged in mystical explanations of the oral law. With the reveries of the Jewish teachers was mingled the E... rabboni Literally, My Master, equivalent to the pure Hebrew, Adoni. As a significant word in the advanced Degrees, it has been translated a most Excellent Master, and its usage by the later Jews will justify ... ragon, j. m. One of the most distinguished Masonic writers of France. His contemporaries did not hesitate to call him "the most learned Freemason of the nineteenth century." He was born in the last quart... ragotzky, carl august A German who was distinguished for his labors in Freemasonry, and for the production of several works of high character, the principal of which were Der Freidenker in der Maurerei oder Freimthige Brie... rainbow for girls, order of A organization planned to sow the seeds of love, law, religion, patriotism, and service in the hearts of the girlhood of America for harvest in the coming years. These sentiments prompted a Brother, t... rainbow, the most ancient order of the A secret association existing in Moorfields in 1760 rains It was a custom among the English Freemasons of the middle of the eighteenth century, when conversing together on Freemasonry, to announce the appearance of a profane by the warning expression It rain... raised When a candidate has received the Third Degree, he is said to have been raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason. The expression refers, materially, to a portion of the ceremony of initiation, b... randolph, peyton First president of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Born 1721; died October 2, 1775. He received a Warrant from Lord Petrie, Grand Master of England, on Novemb... raphael The Hebrew interpretation is the Sealing of God. The title of an officer in a Rose Croix Chapter- The name of the angel, under the Cabalistieal system, that governed the Planet Mercury. A messinger. ... ratisbon A city of Bavaria, in which two Masonic Congresses have been held. The first was convoked in 1459, by Jost Dotzinger, the Master of the Works of the Strasburg cathedral. It established some new laws f... rawlinson manuscript In 1855, the Rev. J. S. Sidebotham, of New College, Oxford, published in the Freemasons Monthly Magazine a series of interesting extracts from a manuscript volume which he stated was in the Bodleian L... rawlinson, richard An English scholar, Doctor of Civil Law and Fellow of the Royal Society, noted for his large and valuable collections of old manuscripts anal books on Freemasonry and other subjects. Born at London in... raymond, edward asa Born February 6, 1791, in Golden, Massachusetts, and died in Brookline, Massachusetts, on August 4, 1864. For more than forty years Brother Ravmond was an active member of the Masonic Order, having be... received and acknowledged A term applied to the initiation of a candidate into the Sixth or Most Excellent Master's Degree of the American Rite (see Acknowledged). reception The ceremony of initiation into a Degree of Freemasonry is called a reception. recipient The French call the candidate in any Degree the Racipiendaire, or Recipient. recognition, modes of Smith says Use and Abuse of Masonry, page 46) that at the institution of the Order, to each of the Degrees "a particular distinguished test was adapted, which test, together with the explication,... recommendation The petition of a candidate for initiation must be recommended by at least two members of the Lodge. Preston requires the signature to be witnessed by one person; he does not say whether the witness m... reconciliation, lodge of When the two contending Grand Lodges of England, known as the Ancient and the Moderns, resolved, in 1813 under the respective Grand Mastership of the Dukes of Rent and Sussex, to put an end to all dif... reconsideration of the ballot When the petition of a candidate for initiation has been rejected, it is not permissible for any member to move for a reconsideration of the ballot. The folloWing four principles set forth in a summar... reconsiderations motion for A motion for reconsideration can only be made in a Grand Lodge, Grand Chapter, or other Grand Body, on the same day or the day after the adoption of the motion which it is proposed to reconsider. In a... reformed rite This Rite was established in 1872, by a Congress of Freemasons assembled at Wilhelmsbad, in Germany, over whose deliberations Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, presided as Grand Master. It was at this Con... refreshment In Masonic language, refreshment is opposed in a peculiar sense to labor. While a Lodge is in activity it must be either at labor or at refreshment. If a Lodge is permanently closed until its next eom... regalia Strictly speaking the word regalia from the Latin, regalia, meaning royal things, signifies the ornaments of a king or queen, and is applied to the apparatus used at a coronation, such as the crown, s... regeneration In the Ancient Mysteries the doctrine of regeneration was taught by symbols: not the theological dogma of regeneration peculiar to the Christian church, but the philosophical dogma, as a change from d... regent The Fourth Degree of the Lesser Mys eries of the llluminati. reghellini, m. A learned Masonic writer, who was born of Venetian parents on the Island of Scio, whence he was usually styled Reghellini de Scio. the date of 1750, at which his birth has been placed, is certainly an... regimental lodge An expression used by Doctor Oliverin his Jurisprudence, to designate a Lodge attached to a regiment in the British Army. The title is not recognized in the English Constitutions, where such a Lodge i... register A list of the officers and members of a Grand or Subordinate Lodge. The registers of Grand Lodges are generally published in this country annually, attached to their Proceedings. The custom of publish... registrar, grand The term has two meanings: 1. An officer of the Grand Lodge of England, whose principal duty it is to take charge of the seal, and attach it, or cause it to be attached by the Grand Secretary, to doc... registration The modern Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of England require that every Lodge must be particularly careful in registering the names of the Brethren initiated therein, and also in making the returns ... registry The Roll or list of Lodges and their members under the obedience of a Grand Lodge. Such registries are in some cases published annually by the Grand Lodges of the United States at the end of their pri... regius ms. on good manners Since it is the oldest of known manuscript versions of the Old Charges (or Old MSS., or Old Constitutions), written about 1390 A.D., or possibly 1400 A.D., the Regius MS. would be everywhere known amo... regular A Lodge working under the legal authority of a Warrant of Constitution is said to be regular. The word was first used in 1723 in the first edition of Anderson's Constitutions. In the eighth Gener... regulations The Old Charges contain a set of regulations by which Freemasons were governed when at work, and when outside the Lodge. Although the oldest existing copy was written about 1390 A.D. to 1400 A.D. it i... rehum Called by Ezra the Chancellor. He was probably a Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Judea, who, with Shimshai the Scribe, wrote to Artaxerxes to prevail upon him to stop the building of the second... reinhold, karl leonhard A German philosopher, who was born at Vienna in 1758, and died in 1823. He was associated with Wieland, whose daughter he married, in the editorship of the Deutschen Merkur, German Mercury. He afterwa... rejection Under the English Constitutions (Rule 190) three black balls must exclude a candidate; but the by-laws of a Lodge may enact that one or two shall do so. In the United States of America one black ball ... rejoicing The initiation of the Ancient Mysteries, like that of the Third Degree of Freemasonry, began in sorrow and terminated in rejoicing. The sorrow was for the death of the hero-god, which was represented ... relief One of the three principal tenets of a Freemason's profession, and thus defined in the lecture of the First Degree: To relieve the distressed is a duty incumbent on all men, but particularly on ... relief, board of The liability to imposition on the charity of the Order, by the application of imposters, has led to the establishment in the larger cities of the United States of America of Boards of Relief. These c... religion and freemasonry During its earliest period Christianity devoted itself to establishing its centers in southern Europe. There it found itself among a large number of religions, some of which had spread northward from ... religion of freemasonry There has been a needless expenditure of ingenuity and talent, by a large number of Masonic orators and essayists, in the endeavor to prove that Freemasonry is not a religion. This has usually arisen ... removal of lodges On January 25, 1738, the Grand Lodge of England adopted a regulation providing that no Lodge should be removed without the Master's knowledge; that no motion for removing it should be made in his... renouncing freemasons During the anti-Masonic excitement in the United States, which began in 1828, and lasted for a few years, many Freemason left the Order, actuated by various motives, seldom good ones, and attached the... repeal As a Lodge cannot enact a new by-law without the consent of the Grand Lodge, neither can it repeal an old one without the same consent; nor can anything done at a stated meeting be repealed at a subse... report of a committee When a Committee, to which a subject had been referred, has completed its investigation and come to an opinion, it directs its Chairman, or some other member, to prepare an expression of its views, to... reportorial corps A name recently given in the United States to that useful and intelligent body of Freemasons who write, in their respective Grand Lodges, the reports on Foreign Correspondence. Through the exertions o... representative of a grand lodge A Brother appointed by one Grand Lodge to represent its interest in another. The Representative is generally, although not necessarily, a member of the Grand Lodge to whom he is accredited, and receiv... representative system The system of appointing Representatives of Grand Lodges originated years ago with the Grand Lodge of New York. It at first met with much opposition, but has gradually gained favor. Although the origi... representatives of lodges In the General Regulations of 1721 it was enacted that "The Grand Lodge consists of and is formed by the Masters and Wardens of all the regular particular Lodges upon record"; and also that ... reprimand A reproof formally communicated to the offender for some fault committed, and the lowest grade, above censure, of Masonic punishment. It can be inflicted only on charges made, and by a majority vote o... reputation In the technical language of Freemasonry, a man of good reputation is said to be one who is "under the tongue of good report"; and this constitutes one of the indispensable qualifications of... research lodges and associations Among Lodges and Associations for Masonic re search are: Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research, No. 2076, London, England. Dorset Masters Lodge, No. 3366, Poole, England Manchester Association for Masoni... research, sources for masonic Professional, full-time Masonic Research on an adequate and permanent basis has not thus far been undertaken by American Grand Lodges, individually or collectively. Out of professional research Grand ... residence It is the general usage in the United States of America, and may be considered as the Masonic law of custom, that the application of a candidate for initiation must be made to the Lodge nearest his pl... resignation of membership The spirit of the law of Freemasonry doers not recognize the right of any member of a Lodge to resign his membership, unless it be for the purpose of uniting with another Lodge. This mode of resignati... resignation of office Every officer of a Lodge, or rather Masonic organization, being required at the time of his installation into office to enter into an obligation that he will perform the duties of that office for a sp... resolution In parliamentary law, a proposition, when first presented, is called a motion; if adopted, it becomes a resolution. Many Grand Lodges adopt, from time to time, in addition to the provisions of their C... respectable A title given by the French, as worshipful is by the English, to a Lodge or Brother. Thus, La Respectable Loge de la Candeur is equivalent to The Worshipful Lodge of Candor. It is generally abbreviate... response In the liturgical services of the Church an answer made by the people speaking alternately with the clergyman. In the ceremonial observances of Freemasonry there are many responses, the Master and the... restoration The restoration, or, as it is also called, the reinstatement of a Freemason who lad been excluded, suspended, or expelled, may be the voluntary act of the Lodge, or that of the Grand Lodge on appeal, ... resurrection The doctrine of a resurrection to a future and eternal life constitutes an indispensable portion of the religious faith of Freemasonry. It is not authoritatively inculcated as a point of dogmatic cree... returns of lodges Every subordinate Lodge is required to malice annually to the Grand Lodge a statement of the names of its members, and the number of admissions, demissions, and expulsions or rejections that have take... reuben The eldest son of Jacob. Among the Royal Arch banners, that of Reuben is purple, and bears a man as the device. It is appropriated to the Grand Master of the Second Veil. reunion island Formerly Ile de Bourbon, or Bourbon's Island, and is in the Indian Ocean, east of the Island of Madagascar. There is one Lodge here under the Grand Orient of France. It was established at St. Den... revelation The following is an extract from Mackenzie's Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia upon this subject: With infinite learning and patience the author of The Book of God, who preserves strict anonymity, has en... revelations of freemasonry Expositions revels, master of the An officer attached to the royal or other eminent household, whose function it was to preside when the members and guests were at refreshment, physical and intellectual, to have charge of the amusemen... revere, paul American patriot, noted for several daring exploits during the Revolutionary War, an engraver, and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, from December 12, 1794, to December 27, 1797. Rever... reverend A title sometimes given to the Chaplain of a Masonic Body. reverential sign The second sign in the English Royal Arch system, and thus explained: We are taught by the Reverential Sign to bend with submission and resignation beneath the chasting hand of the Almighty, and at th... revestiary The wardrobe, or the place for keeping sacred vestments. Distinctive costumes in public worship formed a part not only of the Jewish, but of almost all the ancient religions. The revestiary was common... revival The occurrences which took place in the City of London, in the year 1717, when that important Body, which has since been known as the Grand Lodge of England, was organized, have been always known in M... revoke When a Dispensation is issued by a Grand Master for the organization of a Lodge, it is granted "to continue of force until the Grand Lodge shall grant a Warrant, or until the Dispensation is revo... rhetoric The art of embellishing language with the ornaments of construction, so as to enable the speaker to persuade or affect his hearers. It supposes and requires a proper acquaintance with the rest of the ... rhode island Tradition states that Freemasonry in Rhode Island began as early as the Seventeenth Century but the first Lodge known to exist was Saint John's at Newport, warranted December 27, 1749, by Saint J... rhodes An island in the Mediterranean Sea, which, although nominally under the government of the Emperor of Constantinople, was in 1308 in the possession of Saracen pirates. In that year, Fulke de Villaret, ... rhodesia A territory in South Africa. There have been Lodges in this State under the control of the Grand Lodge of Scotland at the following places: Bulawayo, Gwelo, Salisbury, Sinoia, Umtali, Umvuma, and Vict... ribbon The use of a ribbon, with the official jewel suspended and attached to a buttonhole instead of the collar, adapted by sorne Arnerican Lodges, is a violation of the ancient customs of the Order. The co... richard, the lion Richard I (1157 A.D. - 1199 A.D.), King of England, known as Coeur de Lion, was the hero and model of the Crusaders just as Sir Philip Sidney, four centuries later, was to become the hero and model of... richardson, james daniel Born, March 10, 1843, Rutherford County, Tennessee, making his home at Murfreesboro though in Washington, District of Columbia, a large part of a busy career. An enlisted soldier at eighteen, after a ... riddick award A medal awarded annually by the Grand Lodge of Missouri to the Freemason of that Masonic Jurisdiction who during the preceding twelve months has rendered the most conspicuous constructive service to h... ridel, cornelius johann rudolph Born at Hamburg, May 25, 1759, and died at Weimar, January 16, 1821. He was an active and learned Freemason, and for many years the Master of the Lodge Amalia at Weimar. In 1817, he published in four ... right angle A right angle is the meeting of two lines in an angle of ninety degrees, or the fourth part of a eirele. Each of its tines is perpendicular to the other; and as the perpendicular line is a symbol of u... right eminent An epithet prefixed to the title of the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Template of the United States, and to that of the Grand Commander of a State. right excellent The epithet prefixed to the title of all superior officers of a Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masonry below the dignity of a Grand High Priest. right hand In addition to the facts drawn from the history of religion which are given in the article beginning at page 856, it is interesting to note that general philology, and etymology in particular, have be... right hand The right hand has in all ages been deemed an important symbol to represent the virtue of fidelity. Among the ancients, the right hand and fidelity to an obligation were almost deemed synonymous terms... right side Among the Hebrews, as well as e Greeks and Romans, the right side was considered perior to the left; and as the right was the side of ad, so was the left of bad omen. Dexter, or right, signified also ... right worshipful An epithet frequently applied in many Jurisdictions of the United States to all Grand Officers below the dignity of a Grand Master. Pennsylvania is an exception to the general male in this respect. Th... ring, masonic The ring, as a symbol of the Covenant entered into with the Order, as the wedding ring is the symbol of the Covenant of Marriage, is worn in some of the higher Degrees of Freemasonry. It is not used i... ripen, lord George Frederick Samuel Robin son was born in 1827, son of the first Earl of Ripon He was elected to the House of Commons in 1852 became Secretary of War, Secretary of State for India, Lord President ... rising sun The rising Sun is represented by the Master, because as the sun by his rising opens and governs the day, so the Master is taught to open and govern his Lodge with equal regularity and precision. rite The Latin word ritus, Whence we get the English Rite, signifies an approved usage or custom, or an external observance. Vossius derives it by metathesis, a transposition of letters or sounds, from the... rite des elus coens, ou pretres The Freneh for Rite of Elect Cohens, or Priests. A system adopted in 1750, but which did not attain its full vigor until twenty-five years thereafter, when Lodges were opened in Paris, Marseilles, Bor... ritter German for Knight, as Der Preuische Ritter, meaning the Prussian Knight. The word is not, however, applied to a Knight Templar, who is more usually called Tempelherr; although, when spoken of as a Kni... ritual The mode of opening and closing Lodge, of conferring the Degrees, of installation, and Other duties, constitute a System of ceremonies which are called the Ritual. Much of this Ritual is esoteric, and... ritual, operative masons and From the beginning of Medieval (or Operative) Freemasonry and almost to the Renaissance, the Roman church enforced a rigid censorship over, and control of, the use of ceremonies, rituals, symbols, emb... rituals used by ancient greeks The Ancient Mysteries of Greece, the Greater and the Lesser Mysteries of the Eleusinia in particular, have received attention from Masonic historians, because rituals of initiation were employed in th... robbins, joseph, oration by American Masons behind the tiled doors of their Lodges and Grand Lodges during the past one and one-half centuries have listened to orations which would be everywhere famous had they been delivered in... robelot Formerly an advocate of the parliament of Dijon, a distinguished French Freemason, and the author of several Masonic discourses, especially of one delivered before the Mother Lodge of the philosophic ... robert i Commonly called Robert Bruce. He was crowned King of Scotland in 1306, and died in 1329. After the turbulence of the early years of his reign had ceased, and peace had been restored, he devoted himsel... roberts manuscript This is the first of those manuscripts the originals of which have not yet been recovered, and which are known to us only in a printed copy. The Roberts Manuscript, so called from the name of the prin... robertson, john ross Born December 28, 1841, Toronto, Canada. Educated at Upper Canada College, giving much of his time, however, to the study of the printing trade and editing a small college paper from his father's... robes A proposition was made in the Grand Lodge of England, on April 8, 1778, that the Grand Master and his officers should be distinguished in future at all public meetings by robes. This measure, Preston ... robin, abbe claude A French litterateur, and Curate of Saint Pierre d'Angers. In 1776 he advanced his views on the origin of Freemasonry in a lecture before the Lodge of Nine Sisters at Paris. This he subsequently ... robinson, simon wiggin Grand Master of Massachusetts, December 27, 1845, to December 27, 1848, a Thirty-third Degree Freemason, was born at New Hampton, New Hampshire, February 19, 1792. At twenty was Adjutant, stationed at... rome In the Hiramic Legend of some of the advanced Degrees, this is the name given to one of the assassins of the Third Degree. This seems to be an instance of the working of Stuart Freemasonry, in giving ... rome, a lodge at The Jacobite Lodge at Rome came without announcement, worked a few years, vanished and left scarcely a trace, and was always small enough to meet in a private room; yet, like the Rosetta Stone, it has... rosa, philipp samuel Born at Ysenberg; at one time a Lutheran clergyman, and in 1757 rector of the Cathedral of Saint James at Berlin. He was initiated into Freemasonry in the Lodge of the Three Globes, and Von Printzen h... rosaic system The system of Freemasonry taught by Rosa in the Lodges which he established in Germany and Holland, and which were hence sometimes called Rosaic Lodges. Although he professed that it really was the sy... rose The symbolism of the rose among the ancients was twofold. First, as it was dedicated to Venus as the goddess of love, it became the symbol of secrecy, and hence came the expression "under the ros... rose and triple cross A Degree contained in the Archives of the Lodge of Saint Louis des Amis Runis at Calais. rose croix A French term, meaning, literally, Rose Cross and applied to a series of ceremonial grades: 1. The Seventh Degree of the French Rite 2. The Seventh Degree of the Philalethes. 3. The Eighth Degree of t... rose croix of germany A Hermetic Degree, which Ragon says belongs rather to the class of Elus than to that of Rose Croix. rose croix of gold, brethren of the In French the title is Freres de la rose Croiz d'Or. An Alchemical and Hermetic Society, which was founded in Germany in 1777. It promised to its disciples the secret of the transmutation of meta... rose croix of heredom The First Degree of the Royal Order of Scotland, the Eighteenth of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the Eighteenth of the Rite of Perfection, the Ninetieth of the Rite of Mizraim, and some othe... rose croix of the grand rosary In French, Rose Croiz du Grand Rosaire. The Fourth and highest Rose Croix Chapter of the Prirnitive Rite. rose croix, brethren of the Thory says in his Foundation of the Grand Orient (page 163), that the Archives of the Mother Lodge of the Philosophic Scottish Rite at Paris contain the manuscripts and books of a secret society which... rose croix, jacobite The original Rose Croix conferred in the Chapter of Arras, whose Charter was said to have been granted by the Pretender, was so called with a political allusion to King James III, whose adherents were... rose croix, jewel of the Although there are six well-known Rose Croix Degrees, belonging to as many systems, the jewel has invariably remained the same, while the interpretation has somewhat differed. The usual jewel of a Ros... rose croix, knight The French title is Chevalier Rose Croix. The Eighteenth Degree of the Rite of Perfection. It is the same as the Prince of Rose Croix of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. rose croix, magnetic The Thirty-cighth Degree of the Rite of Mizraim. rose croix, philosophic A German Hermetic Degree found in the collection of M. Pyron. and in the Archives of the Philosophic Scottish Rite. It is probably the same as the Brethren of the Rose Croix, of whom Thory thinks that... rose croix, prince of This in French, Souverain Prince Rose Croiz, and in German, Prinz vom Rosenkruz. This important degree is, of all the advanced grades, the most widely diffused, being found in numerous Rites. It is th... rose croix, rectified The name given by F. J. W. Schrder to his Rite of Seven magical, theosophical, and alchemical Degrees (see Schroeder, Friederich Joseph Wilhelm). rose croix, sovereign prince of Because of its great importance in the Masonic system, and of the many privileges possessed by its possessors, the epithet of Sovereign has been almost universally bestowed upon the Degree of Prince o... rose, order of the A Masonic adventurer, Franz Rudolph Van Grossing, but whose proper name, Wadzeck says, was Franz Matthaus Grossinger, established, as a financial speculation at Berlin, in 1778, an androgynous, both s... rosenkreuz, christian Doctor Mackey believed this to be an assumed name, invented, it is supposed, by John Valentine Andrea, by which he designated a fictitious person, to whom he has attributed the invention of Rosicrucia... rosicruciana in anglia, societas A society whose objects are of a purely literary character, and connected with the sect of the Rosicrucians of the Middle Ages. It is secret, but not Masonic, in its organization; although many of the... rosicrucianism Many writers have sought to discover a close connection between the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons, and some, indeed, have advanced the theory that the latter are only the successors of the former. W... rosy cross One of the Degrees conferred in the Royal Order of Scotland, which see. roumania In 1859 the Grand Orient of France opened a Lodge at Bucharest. A National Grand Lodge of Roumania was established on September 8, l 880, and four years later it controlled some 23 Lodges, but little ... round table, king arthur's The old English legends, derived from the celebrated chronicle of the twelfth century known as the Brut of England, say that the mythical King Arthur, who died in 542, of a wound received in battle, i... round towers of ireland Edifices, sixty-two in number, varying in height from eighty to one hundred and twenty feet, which are found in various parts of Ireland. They are cylindrical in shape, with a single door eight or ten... royal arch apron At the triennial meeting of the General Grand Chapter of the United States at Chicago, in 1859, a Royal Arch apron was prescribed, consisting of a lambskin, silk or satin being strictly prohibited, to... royal arch badge The triple tau, consisting of three tau crosses conjoined at their feet, constitutes the Royal Arch badge. The English Freemasons call it the Emblem of all Emblems, and the Grand Emblems of Royal Arch... royal arch captain The sixth officer in a Royal Arch Chapter according to the American system. He represents the Sar Hatabahim, or Captain of the King's Guards. He sits in front of the Council and at the entrance t... royal arch clothing The clothing or regalia of a Royal Arch Mason in the American system consists of an apron, already described, a scarf of scarlet velvet or silk, on which is embroidered or painted, on a blue ground, t... royal arch colors The peculiar color of the Royal Arch Degree is red or Scarlet, which is symbolic of fervency and zeal, the characteristics of the Degree. The colors also used symbolically in the decorations of a Chap... royal arch degree The early history of this Degree is involved in obscurity, but in the opinion of the late Brother W. J. Hughan, its origin may be ascribed to the fourth decade of the eighteenth century. The earliest... royal arch grand bodies in america The first meeting of delegates out of which arose the General Grand Chapter was at Boston, October 24, 1797. The Convention adjourned to assemble at Hartford, in January, 1798, and it was there the Gr... royal arch jewel The jewel which every Royal Arch Mason is permitted to wear as a token of his connection with the Order. In America it is usually suspended by a scarlet ribbon to the button. In England it is to be wo... royal arch masonry That division of Speculative Freemasonry which is engaged in the investigation of the mysteries connected with the Royal Arch, no matter under what name or in what Rite. Thus the mysteries of the Knig... royal arch masonry, massachusetts A statement of the origin and record of Saint Andrew's Chapter in Boston is to trace early Royal Arch Masonry in Massachusetts. The following is extracted from Companion Thomas Waterman's ad... royal arch of solomon One of the names of the Degree of Knight of the Ninth Arch, or Thirteenth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. royal arch of zerubbabel. The Royal Arch Degree of the American Rite is so called to distinguish it from the Royal Arch of Solomon in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. royal arch robes In the working of a Royal Arch Chapter in the United States, great attention is paid to the robes of the several officers.. The High Priest wears, in imitation of the High Priest of the Jews, a robe o... royal arch tracing-board The oldest Royal Arch Tracing-Board extant is one which was formerly the property of a Chapter in the City of Chester, and which Doctor Oliver thinks was "used only a very few years after the deg... royal arch world distribution In 1942 the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of Missouri, published a Baedeker for Royal Arch Masons in the armed forces which showed the number and distribution of regular Chapters and Grand Chapters... royal arch, grand The Thirty-first Degree of the Rite of Mizraim. It is nearly the same as the Thirteenth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. royal ark mariners A Degree in England conferred on Mark Master Masons, and worked under the authority of the Grand Master of Mark Masons, assisted by a Royal Ark Council. The language of the Order is peculiar. The Supr... royal somerset house and inverness lodge One of the four old Lodges establishing the Grand Lodge of England in 1717. Doctor Anderson states that this Lodge met at the "Rummer and Grapes Tavern, in Channel Row, Westminster." The dat... royalty and english masonry Queen Anne's children had died before her; and when she passed, two descendants of the original Stuart family had an almost equal genealogical claim to the throne: George, the Elector of Hanover;... ruchiel In the old Jewish Angelology, the name of the angel who ruled the air and the winds. The angel in charge of one of the four tests in Philosophic Freemasonry. ruffians The traitors of the Third Degree are called Assassins in Continental Freemasonry and in the advanced Degrees. The English and American Freemasons have adopted in their instructions the more homely app... ruffians, names of the Theosophical and occultist writers have argued that the combined endings of the three names of the Ruffians form together the mystical, Brahmin AUM, as noted on pace 111; and from this they argue that... rule An instrument with which straight lines are drawn, and therefore used in the Past Master's Degree as an emblem admonishing the Master punctually to observe his duty, to press forward in the path ... rule of the templars The code of regulations for the government of the Knights Templar, called their Rule, was drawn up by Saint Bernard, and by him submitted to Pope Honorius II and the Council of Troyes, by both of whom... rulers Obedience to constituted authority has always been inculcated by the laws of Freemasonrys Thus, in the installation charges as prefixed to the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of England, the incoming... russia Captain John Phillips was appointed in 1731 Provincial Grand Master of Russia by Lord Lovel, Grand Master of England (Constitutions, 1738, page 194) but it does not follow that there were any Lodges i... russia, secret societies of First, the .Skopzis, founded about 1740, by Seliwanoff, on the ruins of an anterior sect, the Chlysty, which was originated by a peasant named Philippoff, in the seventeenth century. The Skopzis pract... Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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