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t The twentieth letter of the English alphabet, and the twenty second and last of the Hebrew. As a symbol, it is conspicuous in Freemasonry. Its numerical value as Teth, is 9, but as Thau, it is 400 (... t. g. a. o. t. u. The initials of The Grand Architect of the Universe. Often used in this abbreviated form by Masonic writers. t. s. g. a. o. t. u. The brief article entitled GOD on page 409 (see also page 1035), and which states that belief in God is a Landmark of the Order, is one with which critics can find no fault--unless it be that it is be... tabaor, toffet, edom Three obsolete names which are sometimes given to the three Elect in the Eleventh Degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. tabernacle Many Masonic students have greatly erred in the way in which they have referred to the Sinaitic Tabernacle, as if it were represented by the Tabernacle said in the legends to have been erected by Zeru... table lodge After the labors of the Lodge have been completed, Freemasons frequently meet at tables to enjoy a repast in common. In England and America, this repast is generally called a banquet, and the Lodge is... tableaux French Masonic name for roster of members and also applied to the trestle-board or tracing- board. tablets of hiram abiff Among the traditions of the Order there is a legend referring to the tablets used by Hiram Abiff as a Trestle-Board on which to lay down his designs. This legend, of course, can lay no claim to authen... tablets, engraved A designation frequently used in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the book of minutes or record; as in the Rose Croix Chapter is used the term engraved columns. taciturnity In the earliest catechisms of the eighteenth century it is said that "the three particular points that pertain to a Mason are Fraternity, Fidelity, and Taciturnity," and that they "repr... tactics The importance that has for many years been given to the military element in the Order of Masonic Knights Templar in America has made it necessary that special manuals should be prepared for the instr... talisman From the Hebrew tselem and the Chaldaie tsalma, meaning an image or idol. A talisman signifies an implement or instrument, either of wood, or metal, or some precious stone, or even parchment, of vario... talith An oblong shawl worn over the head or shoulders and is made of wool or camel's hair, among the Orthodox Jews; more commonly of silk, among the more modern. Four threads, one of which must be blue... taljahad Rendered in Hebrew thus mnw meaning Angel of Water, and found in the Twenty-ninth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite ritual. talmud The Hebrew word signifying doctrine. The Jews say that Moses received on Mount Sinai not only the written law which is contained in the Pentateuch but an oral law, which was first communicated by him ... tamarisk The sacred tree of the Osirian Mysteries, classically called the Erica, which see tammuz The Hebrew word. The tenth month of the Hebrew civil year, and corresponding to the months June and July, beginning with the new moon of the former. tanga tango A Peruvian triune symbol, signifying one in three and three in one. tannehill, wilkins Born in Tennessee, in 1787. He was one of the founders, in 1813, of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee, and was for seven years Grand Master of that Body. He was also a contributor to the literature of Free... tarot A playing card, seventy-eight to the pack; fifty-six are called the Lesser Arcana and are divided into four suits; the wands or clubs, the cups or hearts, the Swords or spades, and the pentacles or di... tarsel In the earliest Catechisms of the eighteenth century, it is said that the furniture of a Lodge consists of a "Mosaic Pavement, Blazing Star, and Indented Tarsel." In more modern catechisms, ... tarsel board We meet with this expression in some of the old Catechisms as a corruption of Trestle-Board * TARSHATHA Used in the Degree of Knight of the East in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, accordin... tasmania An island forming the seventh state of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Grand Lodge of Ireland established a Lodge in this country in 1823 which did not long remain active. The first English Lodge, ... tassels In the English and French Tracing Boards of the First Degree, there are four tassels, one at each angle, which are attached to a cord that surrounds a tracing-board, and which constitutes the true tes... tasting and smelling Of the five senses hearing, seeing, and feeling only are deemed essential to Freemasons. Tasting and smelling are therefore not referred to in the instructions, except as making up the sacred number f... tatnai and shethar-boznai Tatnai was a Persian Satrap or Governor of the Province west of the Euphrates in the time of Darius and Zerubbabel; Shethar-Boznai was an officer under his command The two united with the Apharsachite... tau The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called Tau, and it has the power of the Roman T. In its present form n, in the square character now in use, it has no resemblance to a cross; but in the ancie... tau cross A cross of three limbs, so called because it presents the figure of the Greek letter T (see Tau). taxation of masonic property In a survey of 41 of the 49 Grand Jurisdictions made in 1932 the Masonic Service Association, Washington, D. C., summarized its findings: Masonic property used wholly for fraternal purposes is tax fr... tchandalas Mentioned in the Institutes of Manu as a class of pariahs, or the lowest in society, but are referred to as the inventors of brick for building purposes, as is attested by Vina-Snati and Veda Vyasa. I... team Royal Arch Masons in America apply this word rather inelegantly to designate the three candidates upon whom the Degree is conferred at the same time. It is also used generally in referring to any grou... tears In the Master's degree in some of the Continental Rites, and in all the advanced Degrees where the legend of the Degree and the ceremony of reception are intended to express grief, the hangings o... tebeth The Hebrew word The fourth month of the Hebrew civil year, corresponding to the months December and January, beginning with the new moon of the former. tempelherr German for Knights Templar (see also Ritter). tempelorden or tempelherrenorden The title in German of the Order of Knights Templar temperance One of the four cardinal virtues; the practice of which is inculcated in the First Degree. The Freemason who properly appreciates the secrets which he has solemnly promised never to reveal, will not, ... templar land The Order of Knights Templar was dissolved in England, by an Act of Parliament, in the seventeenth. year of the reign of Edward II, and their possessions transferred to the Order of Saint John of Jeru... templar origin of freemasonry The theory that Freemasonry originated in the Holy Land during the Crusades, and was instituted by the Knights Templar, was advanced by the Chevalier Ramsay, for the purpose, it is supposed, of giving... templarius The Latin title of a Knight Templar. Commonly used in the Middle Ages. templars of scotland The Statutes of the Grand Priory of the Temple of Scotland prescribe for the Order of Knights Templar in that kingdom an organization very different from that which prevails in other countries. '... temple of ezekiel An ideal Temple seen by the Prophet Ezekiel, in the twenty-fifth year of the captivity, while residing in Babylon. It is supposed by Calmet, that the description given by the prophet was that of the T... temple of herod This was not the construction of a third Temple, but only a restoration and extensive enlargement of the second, which had been built by Zerubbabel. To the Christian Freemason it is interesting, even ... temple of solomon The first Temple of the Jews was called hecal Jehovah or beth Jehovah, the Palace or the House of Jehovah, to indicate its splendor and magnificence, and that it was intended to be the perpetual dwell... temple of zerubbabel For the fifty-two years that succeeded the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar that city saw nothing but the ruins of its ancient Temple. Out in the year of the world 3468 and 536 B.C. Cyrus ga... temple, grand commander of the The French title is Grand Commandeer du Temple. The Fifty-eighth Degree of the collection of the Metropolitan Chapter of France. It is the name of the Knight Commander of the Temple of the Scottish Ri... temple, order of the When the Knights Templar had, on account of their power and wealth, excited the fears and the cupidity of Pope Clement V, and King Philip the Fair, of France, the Order was soon compelled to succumb t... temple, second The Tempe constructed by Zerubbabel is so called (see Temple elf Zerubbabel). temple, solomon's, and the degrees In the Seventeenth Century German archeology, full of vigor and beginning to employ "scientific methods," discovered so many things about ancient Jerusalem and Solomon's Temple that a g... temple, sovereign of the sovereigns grand commander of the The French title is Souverain des Souverains Grands Commandeurs du temple. A Degree in the collection of Lemanceau and Le Page. It is said to be a part of the Order of Christ or Portuguese Templarism.... temple, symbolism of the Of all the objects which constitute the Masonic science of symbolism, the most important, the most cherished by Freemasons, and by far the most significant, is the great Temple of Jerusalem. The spiri... temples, the jerusalem 1. Solomon began the building of his Temple about 967 B.C., and completed it in about six and one-half years. This was in reality a collection of buildings, inside a wall, and the Temple proper was pr... templier The title of a Knight Templar in French. The expression Chevalier Templier is scarcely ever used by French writers. * TEMPLUM HIEROSOLYMAE Latin for the Temple of Jerusalem. It is supposed by some... ten Ten cannot be considered as a sacred number in Freemasonry. But by the Pythagoreans it was honored as a symbol of the perfection and consummation of all things. It was constituted of the monad and dua... ten expressions Using, as do the Rabbis, the expression, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth," as one, we find nine other expressions in the first chapter of Genesis in which "God sa... tengu A significant word in the advanced Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The original old French rituals explain it, and say that it and two other words that accompany are formed out of t... test word In the year 1829, during the anti- Masonic excitement in America, the Grand Lodge of New York proposed, as a safeguard against "the introduction of impostors among the workmen," a test word ... tetractys The Greek word signifies, literally, the number four, and is therefore synonymous with the quaternion; but it has been peculiarly applied to a symbol of the Pythagoreans, which is composed of ten dots... tetradites Believers in the occult powers of the numeral four, and in a Godhead of four persons in lien of three In this connection, the figure is worthy of examination, it being a star of five points enclosing ... tetragrammaton In Greek, it signifies, a word of four letters. It is the title given by the Talmudists to the name of God, Jehovah, which in the original Hebrew Consists of four letters (see Jehovah) . teutonic knights The origin of this Order was a humble but a pious one. During the Crusades a wealthy gentleman of Germany, who resided at Jerusalem, commiserating the condition of his countrymen who came there as pil... texas The first Masonic meeting in Texas was held in a grove at Brazoria where in March, 1835, five Master Masons, John H. Wharton, Asa Brigham, James A. E. Phelps, Alexander Russell and Anson Jones, decide... thammuz Spelled also Tammuz. A deity worshiped by the apostate Jews in the time of Ezekiel, and supposed by most commentators to be identical with the Syrian god Adonis (see Adonis, Mysteries oh). thanks It is a usage of French Freemasonry, and in the advanced Degrees of some other Rites, for a candidate, after his initiation and the address of the orator to him, to return thanks to the Lodge for the ... the charges of a free mason Extracted from The Ancient Records of Lodges beyond Sea, and of those in England, Scotland, and Ireland, for the use of the Lodges in London : 'To be read AT THE MAKING OF NEW BRETHREN OR WHEN T... the legend of the craft Before Noyes floode there was a man called Lameche as it is written in the Byble, in the iiijth chapter of Genesis; and this Lameehe had two wives, and the one height Ada and the other height Sella; b... the level, plumb and square We meet upon the Level, and we part upon the Square: What words sublimely beautiful those words Masonic are! They fall like strains of melody upon the listening ears, As they've sounded halleluja... theism Theological writers have defined theism as being the belief in the existence of a Deity who, having created the world, directs its government by the constant exercise of His beneficent power, in contr... theocratic philosophy of freemasonry This is a term invented by Dr. G. Oliver to indicate that view of Freemasonry which intimately connects its symbols With the teachings of pure religion, and traces them to the primeval revelations of ... theological virtues Under the name of the Cardinal Virtues, because all the other virtues hinged upon them, the ancient Pagans gave the most prominent place in their system of ethics to Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude, a... theopaschites Followers of Peter the Fuller, who flourished in the fifth century, and believed in the crucifixion of all three of the Godhead. theoricus The Second Grade of the First Order of the ,Society of Rosicrucians (see Rosicrucianism). This is also the Twelfth Degree of the Cerman Rose Croix. theosophists There were many theosophists --enthusiasts whom Vaughan calls "noble Specimens of the mystic" but those with whom the history of Freemasonry has most to do were the mystical religious thinke... therapeutae An ascetic sect of Jews in the first century after Christ, whom Milman calls the ancestors of the Christian monks and hermits. They resided near Alexandria, in Egypt, and bore a striking resemblance i... theriog The six hundred and thirteen precepts into which the Jews divided the Mosaical law. Thus the Hebrew letters :8nn numerically express 613 (see description of Talith). theurgy From the Greek Theos, meaning God and Ergon, work. The ancients thus called the whole art of magic--magic being understood here as the powers, influences or practices of supposed or pretended supernat... thirteen, the Has had reference to a couple of organizations. A Parisian society claiming to exercise an occult influence during the First Empire. A society of formerly growing proportions in the United States, int... thirty-six In the Pythagorean doctrine of numbers, thirty-six symbolized the male and female powers of nature united, because it is composed of the sum of the four odd numbers, 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 16, added to the s... thokath The Hebrew word meaning Strength. An expression known to the Brethren of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in the Twelfth Degree. thomas, isaiah Grand Master, Massachusetts, 1803 and 1805 at the same time that Right Worshipful Henry Fowle served the same Grand Lodge as Junior Grand Deacon; an American printer and publisher of several patriotic... thor or thorr contracted from Thonar, and sometimes known as Donar. This deity presided over the mischievous spirits in the elements, and was the son of Odin and Freya. These three were known in mythology as the tr... thory, claude antoine A distinguished French Masonic writer, who was born at Paris, May 26, 1759. He was by profession an advocate, and held the official position of Registrar of the Criminal Court of the Chatelet, and aft... thoux de salverte Founder in 1767, at Warsaw, of the Academy of-Ancients, which see. thread of life In the earliest lectures of the eighteenth century, we find this Catechism: Have you the key of the Lodge? Yes, I have. What is its virtue? To open and shut, and shut and open Where do you keep it? In... three Everywhere among the ancients the number three was deemed the most sacred of numbers. A reverence for its mystical virtues is to be found even among the Chinese, who say that numbers begin at one and ... three fires Guardians of the Sixty-seventh Degree of the Modern Rite of Memphis. three globes, rite of the grand lodge of the On September 13, 1740, the Lodge of the Three Globes. zu den drei Wellkugeln, was established in the City of Berlin, Prussia. In 1744 it assumed the rank and title of a Grand Mother Lodge. At first it... three points Three points in a triangular form (. .) are placed after letters in a Masonic document to indicate that such letters are the initials of a Masonic title or of a technical word in Freemasonry, as G.-. ... three sacred utensils These were the vessels of the Tabernacle as to which the Rev. W Joseph Barclay, LL.D., makes the following quotation: "Rabbi Jos, son of Rabbi Judah, said a fiery Ark, and a fiery Table, and a fi... three senses Of the five human senses, the three which are the most important in Masonic symbolism are Seeing, Hearing, and Feeling, because of their respective reference to certain modes of recognition, and becau... threefold cord A triple cord whose strands are of different colors; it is used in several Rites as an instructive symbol (see Seneclar). A striking allusion to the strength of a triple cord is found in Ecclesiastics... threshing floor among the Hebrews, circular spots of hard ground were used, as now, for the purpose of threshing corn. After they were properly prepared for the purpose, they became permanent possessions. One of thes... throne The seat occupied by the Grand Master in the Grand Lodge of England is called the throne, in allusion, probably, to the throne of Solomon. In American Grand Lodges it is styled the Oriental Chair of... thugs A Hindu Association that offered human sacrifices to their divinity Kali. It was dreaded for its violence and the fierceness of its members, who were termed either Stranglers or Aspirants. thurible From Thur, or Thus meaning frankincentse, and ible which has here the same significance as the English suffix able, as in serviceable, the word Thurible, is in Latin Thuribulum. A metallic censer for ... thurifer The bearer of the thurible, or center, prepared with frankincense, and used by the Roman Catholic Church at Mass and other ceremonials; ats also in the Philosophic Degrees of Freemasonry. thursday The fifth day of the week. So called from its being originally consecrated to Thor, or the Icelandic Thorr, the god of thunder, answering to the Jove of the Romans. tie The first clause in the Covenant of Freemasonry which refers to the preservation of the secrets is technically called the tie. It is substantially the same in the Covenant of each Degree, from the low... tierce, de la He was the first translator of Anderson's Constitutions into French, the manuscript of which he says that he prepared during his residence in London. He afterward published it at Frankfort, in 17... tile A Lodge is said to be tiled when the necessary precautions have been taken to prevent the approach of unauthorized persons; and it is said to be the first duty of every Freemason to see that this is d... tiler An officer of a Symbolic Lodge, whose duty is to guard the door of the Lodge, and to permit no one to pass in who is not duly qualified, and who has not the permission of the Master. A necessary quali... tiluk The sacred impress made upon the forehead of the Brahman, like unto the Tau to the Hebrew, or the Cross to the Christian. timbre The French Freemasons so call a stamp, consisting of the initials or monogram of the Lodge, which is impressed in black or red ink upon every official document emanating from the Lodge. When such a do... time The image of Tizee, under the conventional figure of a winged old man with the customary scythe and hour-glass, has been adopted as one of the modern symbols in the Third Degree. He is represented as ... time and circumstances The answer to the question "Has he made suitable proficiency?" has been sometimes made, "Such as time and circumstances would permit." This is an error, and may be a mischievous on... tirshatha The title given to the Persian governors of Judea. It was borne by Zerubbabel and Nehemiah. It is supposed to be derived from the Persian borsch, meaning austere or severe, and is therefore, says Gese... tisri The Hebrew word . The first month of the Hebrew civil year, and corresponding to the month of September and October, beginning with the new moon of the former. titan of the caucasus The fifty-third Degree of the Memphis Rite titles The titles conferred in the rituals of Freemasonry upon various officers are often apparently grandiloquent, lofty, and have given occasion to some, who have not fully understood their true meaning, t... titles of grand lodges The title of the Grand Lodge of England is "The United Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. " That of Ireland is "The Grand Masonic Lodge. " Of Scotland, "The Gran... tito A significant word in the advanced Degrees. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite rituals give the name of Tito, Prince Harodim, to him who they say was the first who was appointed by Solomon a Provo... toast Anderson says (Constitutions, 1738, page 110) that in 1719 Doctor Desaguliers, having been installed Grand Master, "forthwith revived the old, regular, and peculiar toasts or healths of the Freem... token The word token is derived from the Anglo-Saxon tacen, which means a sign, presage, type, or representation, that which points out something; and this is traced to taecan, to teach, show, or instruct, ... toland, john Born on November 30, 1670, near Londonderry, Ireland; died March 11, 1722/3, near London, England. An industrious and independent writer upon religious matters he frequently became involved in dispute... tolerance lodge When the initiation of Jews was forbidden in the Prussian Lodges, two brethren of Berlin, Von Hirschfeld and Catter, induced by a spirit of toleration, organized a Lodge in Berlin for the express purp... toleration The grand characteristic of Freemasonry is its toleration in religion and polities. In respect to the latter, its toleration has no limit. The question of a man's political opinions is not permit... tomb of adoniram Margoliouth, in his History of the Jews, tells the legend that at Saguntum in Spain, a sepulcher was found four hundred years ago, with the following Hebrew inscription: This is the grave of Adoniram... tomb of hiram abif All that is said of it in Freemasonry is more properly referred to in the article on the Monument in the Third Degree (see Monument). tomb of hiram of tyre Five miles to the East of the City of Tyre is an ancient monument, called by the natives Kabr Hairan, or the Comb of Hiram. The tradition that the King of Tyre was there interred rests only on the aut... tongue In the early rituals of the eighteenth century, the tongue is called the key to the secrets of a Freemason; and one of the toasts that was given in the Lodge was in these words: "To that excellen... tongue of good report Being "under the tongue of good report" is equivalent, in Masonic technical language, to being of good character or reputation. It is required that the candidate for initiation should be one... topaz In Hebrew, pitdah. It was the second stone in the first row of the high priest's breastplate, and was referred to Simeon. The ancient topaz, says King (Antique Gems, page 56), was the present chr... topes Pillars, also signifying towers and tumuli. This is a corruption of the Sanskrit word Stoopa, meaning mounds, heaps, karns. The Topes of the Karli temple, a Buddhist shrine, which may be seen up the W... torch bearer The fifteenth officer in the High Council of the Society of Rosicrucians; also known as an officer in the Appendant Order of the Holy Sepllleher. One who bears a torch. torches The ancients made use of torches both at marriages and funerals. They were also employed in the ceremonies of the Eleusinian Mysteries. They have been introduced into the advanced Degrees, especially ... torgau, constitutions of Torgau is a fortified town on the Elbe, in the Prussian Province of Saxony. It was there that Luther and his friends wrote the Book of Torgau, which was the foundation of the subsequent Augsburg Confe... torrubia, joseph A Franciscan monk, who in 1751 was the censor and reviser of the Inquisition in Spain. Torrubia, that he might be the better enabled to carry into effect a persecution of the Freemasons, obtained unde... tournon, m A Frenchman and Freemason, who had been invited into Spain by the government in order to establish a manufactory of brass buttons, and to instruct the Spanish workmen. In 1757, he was arrested by the ... tower, degree of the The French expression is Grade de la Tour. A name sometimes given to the Second Degree of the Royal Order of Scotland. town, salem The Rev. Salem Town, LL.D., was born at Belchertown, in the State of Massachusetts, March 5, 1779. He received a classical education, and obtained at college the degree of Master of Arts, and later in... townshend, simeon The putative author of a book entitled Observations and Inquiries relating to the Brotherhood of the Free Masons, which is said to have been printed at London in 1712. Boileau, Levesque, Thory, Oliver... tracing-board The same as a Floor Cloth, which see tradition There are two kinds of traditions in Freemasonry: First, those which detail events, either historically, authentic in part, or in whole, or consisting altogether of arbitrary fiction, and intended sim... tramping masons Unworthy members of the Order, who, using their privileges for interested purposes, traveling from city to city and from Lodge to Codger that they may seek relief by tales of fictitious distress, have... transfer of warrant The English Constitutions (Rule 221) enact that "No Warrant can be transferred under any circumstances." Similarly the Scotch Constitution (Rule 148) says "A Charter cannot be transferr... transient brethren Freemasons who do not reside in a particular place, but only temporarily visit it, are called Transient Brethren. They are, if worthy, to be cordially welcomed, but are never to be admitted into a Lod... transition period Findel calls that period in the history of Freemasonry, when it was gradually changing its character from that of an Operative to that of a Speculative Society, the Transition Period. It began in 1600... transmission, charter of A deed said to have been granted by James de Molay, just before his death, to Mark Larmenius, by which he transmitted to him and to his successors the office of Grand Master of the Templars. It is the... trappists, order of religious An order founded by that devotee of secret organizations, Count La Perche, in 1140. travel In the symbolic language of Freemasonry, a Freemason always travels from West to East in search of light--he travels from the lofty tower of Babel, where language was confounded and Freemasonry lost, ... traveling masons There is no portion of the history of the Order so interesting to the Masonic scholar as that which is embraced by the Middle Ages of Christendom, beginning with about the tenth century, when the whol... traveling warrants Warrants under which military Lodges are organized, and so called because the Lodges which act under them are permitted to travel from place to place with the regiments to which they are attached (see... travenol, louis A zealous and devoted French Freemason of much ability, who wrote several Masonic works, which the author published under the assumed name of Leonard Gabanon. The most valuable of his productions is o... treasure, incomparable This was a phrase of mystical import with the Alchemists and Hermetic Philosophers. Pernetty (Dictionnaire Mytho-Hermetique), thus defines it: "The incomparable treasure is the powder of projecti... treasurer An officer, found in all Masonic Bodies, whose duty it is to take charge of the funds and pay them out under proper regulations. He is simply the banker of the Lodge or Chapter, and has nothing to do ... treasurer, hermetic The French title is Tresorier hermetique. A Degree in the manuscript collection of Peuvret. This collection contains eight other Degrees with a similar title, namely: Illustrious Treasurer, Treasurer ... tree alphabet There are alphabets used among the Persians and Arabs as secret ciphers, which it can scarcely be doubted were original, and ages ago adopted and recognized as the ordinary business mode of communicat... tree worship The important position whit h this peculiar faith occupied among the peoples in the earliest ages of the world is apt to be overlooked in the multitude of succeeding beliefs, to which it gave many of ... trestle-board The Trestle-Board is defined to be the board upon which the Master inscribes the designs by which the Craft are to be directed in their labors. The French and German Freemasons have confounded the Tre... triad In all the ancient mythologies there were triads, which consisted of a mysterious union of three deities. Each triad was generally explained as consisting of a creator, a preserver, and a destroyer. T... triad society of china The San Hop Hwai, or Triad Society, is a secret political association in China, which has been mistaken by some writers for a species of Chinese Freemasonry; but it has in reality no connection whatso... trials, masonic As the only object of a trial should be to seek the truth and fairly to administer justice, in a Masonic trial, especially, no recourse should ever be had to legal technicalities whose use in ordinary... triangle There is no symbol more important in its significance, more various in its application, or more generally diffused throughout the whole system of Freemasonry, than the triangle. An examination of it, ... triangle and square As the Delta was the initial letter of Deity with the ancients, so its synonym is among modern nations, It is a type of the Eternal, the All-Powerful, the Self Existent. The material world is typified... triangle, radiated A Triangle placed within and surrounded by a circle of rays. This circle is called in Christian art, a Glory. When this Glory is distinct from the Triangle, and surrounds it in the form of a circle, i... triangle, triple The perdalpha, or Triangle of Pythagoras, is usually called also the Triple Triangle, because three triangles are formed by the intersection of its sides. But there is another variety of the Triple Tr... tribes of israel All the twelve Tribes of Israel were engaged in the construction of the first Temple. But long before its destruction, ten of them revolted, and formed the nation of Israel; while the remaining two, t... tribunal The modern Statutes of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States direct trials of Masonic offenses, committed by any Brethren of ... tribunal, supreme This has two distinct references for us. 1. The Seventy-first Degree of the Rite of Mizraim. 2. The meeting of Inspectors Inquisitors of the Thirty-first Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Ri... trifels The name of the ruined castle, four miles from Madenburg, on a mountain slope, where Sir Richard Coeur de Lion was a prisoner for more than a year, by decree of the Emperor Henry III, and until his li... triliteral name Three-lettered Name. The sacred name of God among the Hindus is so called because it consists of the three letters, A U M (see A Otto). trilithon Three stones, two of which are placed parallel on their ends, and Crossed by the third at the top. Many curious combinations of this rude but imposing construction are to be found in Europe, as at Sto... trinitarians, order of An androgynous, both sexes, Order founded in 1198, in the time of lnnocent III, for the purpose of ransoming Christians from the Moors. trinity, religious fraternity of the holy Instituted at Rome by Saint Philip Neri in 1548 trinosophs The Lodge of the Trinosophs was instituted at Paris by the celebrated Ragon, October 15, 1816, and installed by the Grand Orient, January 11, 1817. The Word Triposophs is derived from the Greek and si... tripitaka A compound Word among the Hindus, Tri, meaning three and Pitaka, basket. The canonical book of the Buddhists, written two hundred years after the third Ecumenical Council, or about 60 B.C. The former ... triple alliance An expression in the advanced Degrees, which, having been translated from the French instructions, should have more properly been the Triple Covenant. It is represented by the Triple Triangle, and ref... triple tau The Tau Cross, or Cross of Saint Anthony, is a Cross in the form of a Greek T. The Triple Tau is a figure formed by three of these crosses meeting in a point, and therefore resembling a letter T resti... tripoli Italian territory in Northern Africa on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The Grand Orient of Italy controls three Lodges at Tripoli City and others at Bengazi, Derna and Homs. trowel An implement of Operative Masonry, which has been adopted by Speculative Freemasons as the peculiar working-tool of the Master's Degree. By this implement, and its use in Operative Masonry to spr... trowel and sword When Nehemiah received from Artaxerxes Longimanus the appointment of Governor of Judea, and was permitted to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and to restore the city to its former fortified condition, ... trowel, society of the Vasari, in his Loves of the Painters and Sculptors, and referring to the life of G. F. Rustici, says that about the year 1512 there was established at Florence an Association which counted among its m... true kindred, order of Benjamin Franklin is credited in the literature of the Order with receiving the degrees in England and bringing the Ritual to America where we are also told it was conferred upon George Washington, he... true light Relating to the Latin expression, Sit lux et lux fuit, meaning Let there be Light, and there was Light (see Fiat Lux et Lux fit). However, the Latin edition of the Bible gives the words Fiat Lux et fa... truro cathedral A Protestant edifice erected at a seaport of Cornwall, England, standing at the junction of two rivers, the Allen and the Kenwyn. On the 20th of May, 1880, the Grand Master of Freemasons, the Prince o... trust in god Every candidate on his initiation is required to declare that his trust is in God. He who denies the existence of a Supreme Being is debarred the privilege of initiation, for atheism is a disqualifica... truth The real object of Freemasonry, in a philosophical and religious sense, is the search for truth. This truth is, therefore, symbolized by the Word. From the first entrance of the Apprentice into the Lo... tryonists Those Pythagoreans who abstained from animal food. tsaphiel The Hebrew word Mirans Deus, the angel governing the Moon, in accordance with the Cabalistical system. tschoudy, louis theodore Miehaud spells the name Tschudi, but Lenning, Thory, Ragon, Oliver, and all other Masonic writers, give the name as Tschoudy, which form, therefore, we adopt as the most usual, if not the most correct... tsedakah The Hebrew word, meaning Justice The first step of the Mystical Ladder, known to the Kadosh, Thirtieth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted, Scottish Rite. tsidoni Hebrew word, the Latin Venator meaning also Hunter, Seeker or Inquirer A name used in the Twenty-second Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. tsoim The Hebrew word, A term used infrequently to designate visitors. tuapholl A term employed by the Druids to designate an unhallowed circumambulation of the sacred Cairn, or altar; the movement being against the sun, that is, from West to East by the North, the Cairn being on... tub baani amal abal The Hebrew phrase, meaning it is just to reward labor. An expression found in the Thirteenth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. tubal cain Of Tubal Cain, the sacred writings, as well as the Masonic legends, give us but scanty information. All that we hear of him in the Book of Genesis is that he was the son of Lamech and Zillah, and was ... tugendverein German, Society of Virtue. See Concordists. tune, freemasons The air of the song written by Matthew Birkhcad, and published in the Book of Constitutions of 1723, with the title of the Entered Prentice's Song, is familiarly and distinctively known as the Fr... tunis In Northern Africa, between Algeria and Tripoli, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Several Lodges have been constituted in Tunis and on July 17, 1879, a Grand Lodge was formed. In 1917 its Grand ... turban The usual head-dress worn in Eastern nations, consisting of a quilted cap, without rim, and a sash or scarf of cotton or linen wound about the cap. In Royal Arch Chapters, the turban, of a purple colo... turcopolier The third dignity in the Order of Knights Hospitaler of Saint John, or Knights of Malta. It took its name from the Turcopoles, a sort of light horse mentioned in the history of the Christian wars in P... turkey A writer in the Freemasons Quarterly Review (1844, page 21), says that there was a Masonic meeting in Constantinople, at which some Turks were initiated, but that the government prohibited the w futur... turquoise Oliver says (Landmarks ii, page 521) that the first stone in the third row of the High Priest's Breastplate "was a figure, hyacinth, or turquoise." The stone was a figure; but Doctor Ol... tuscan order The simplest of the five Orders of Architecture, as its columns are never fluted, and it does not allow the introduction of any kind of ornament. It is one of the two modern Orders, not being found in... twelve Twelve being composed of the mystical numbers 7+5 or of 3X4, the triad multiplied by the quaternion, was a number of considerable value in ancient systems. Thus there were twelve signs of the zodiac, ... twelve illustrious knights The Eleventh Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite; more correctly Sublime Knight Elected, which see. twelve lettered name The Jews had among their Divine names, besides the Tetragrammaton, a two-lettered name, which was Jah, as well as a twelve-lettered and a forty-two-lettered name. None of these, however, were so sacre... twelve original points of freemasonry The old English lectures, which were abrogated by the United Grand Lodge of England in 1813, when it adopted the system of Hemming, contained the following passage: "There are in Freemasonry twel... twenty-four-inch gage A rule two feet long, which is divided by marks into twenty-four parts each one inch in length. The Operative Mason uses it to take the necessary dimensions of the stone that he is about to prepare. I... twenty-one A number of mystical import, partly because it is the product of 3 and 7, the most sacred of the odd numbers, but especially because it is the sum of the numerical value of the letters of the Divine N... twenty-seven Although the number twenty-seven is found in the Degree of Select Master and in some of the other advanced Degrees, it can scarcely be called in itself a sacred number. It derives its importance from ... twenty-six This is considered by the Cabalists as the most sacred of mystical numbers, because it is equal to the numerical value of the letters of the Tetragrammaton, thus: 5+6+5+10=26. two-lettered name The title given by the Talmudists to the name of God, the Hebrew word, Jah, which see. tyler Tyle and Tyler are the old and now obsolete spelling of Tile and Tiler, which see. type In the science of symbology it is the picture or model of something of which it is considered as a symbol. Hence the words type and symbol are in this sense synonymous. Thus the Tabernacle was a type ... typhon The brother and slayer of Osiris, in the Egyptian mythology. As Osiris was a type or symbol of the sun, Typhon was the symbol of winter, when the vigor, heat, and, as it were, life of the sun are dest... tyre An ancient city of Phenicia, which in the time of King Solomon was celebrated as the residence of King Hiram, to whom that monarch and his father David were indebted for great assistance in the constr... tyre , quarries of It is an error of Doctor Oliver, and some other writers, to suppose that the stones of the Temple of Jerusalem were furnished from the Quarries of Tyre. If there were such quarries, they were not used... Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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