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u The twenty-first letter of the English alphabet, is a modification of the Greek letter T. upsilon; it is in the Hebrew or in the Chaldaie and hieroglyphical, the head of an animal with horns, hence ... u.. d.. Letters placed after the names of Lodges or Chapters which have not yet received a Warrant of Constitution They signify Under Dispensation In the United States when a Lodge is started it is known as b... uganda There are only about one thousand white men in Uganda, Central East Africa, but a Lodge has already been established there unaffiliated freemason A Freemason who is not a member of any Lodge. As this class of Freemasons contribute nothing to the revenues nor to the strength of the Order, while they are always willing to partake of its benefits,... unanimous consent In the beginning of the eighteenth century , when Freemasonry was reviving from the condition of decay into which it had fallen, and when the experiment was tried of transforming it from a partly Oper... unfavorable report Should the Committee of Investigation on the character of a petitioner for initiation make an unfavorable report, the frequent usage, although some Grand Lodges have decided otherwise, is to consider ... unhele An old English word meaning to uncover, or reveal. Spenser, in the Faerie Queen, says, "Then suddenly both would themselves unhele"(see Heler, also Hail or Hale). uniformity of work An identity of forms in opening and closing, and in conferring the Degrees, constitutes what is technically called Uniformity of Work. The expression has no reference, in its restricted sense, to the ... union master's degree An honorary Degree, said to have been invented by the Lodge of Reconciliation in England, in 1813, at the Union of the two Grand Lodges, and adopted by the Grand Lodge of New York in 1819, which autho... union of 1813, the At one time two conflicting Grand Lodge Bodies were in existence in England. One, known as the Grand Lodge of England, originally with four old Lodges assembling at London on June 24, 1717. This Lodge... union of 1813, the Canadian Masons, and by right of cousinship American Masons also, have a just and lively pride in the fact that the Union of the Modern and Ancient Grand Lodges in 1813 was first begun and carried int... union of scientific freemasons The German name is Bund scientifischer Freimaurer. An Association founded, November 28, 1802, by Fessler, Fischer, Mossdorf and other learned Freemasons of Germany. According to their Act of Union, al... union, grand masters Efforts were made at various times in Germany to organize an association of the Grand Masters of the Grand Lodges of Germany. At length, through the efforts of Brother Warnatz, the Grand Master of Sax... unions, lodge of This Lodge, No.256, was constituted in England in 1785 and under its sanction the famous Emulation Lodge of improvement meets (see Emulation Lodge) united A pllilosophic and social organization established in 1785 at Norwich, England, meeting at the College of Saint Luke, and devoted, to quote from their own original records, To the cultivation of a lib... united grand lodge of england The Grand Lodge of England assumed that title in the year 1813, because it was the n formed by the Union of the Grand Lodge of the Ancient, the "Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of England... unity of god In the popular mythology of the ancients there were many gods. It was to correct this false opinion, and to teach a purer theology, that the initiations were invented. And so, as Warburton says, "... universal aurora, society of the Founded at Paris, in 1783, for the practice of mesmerism; Cagliostro, "the Divine Charlatan, "taking an active part in its establishment. Very little at this day is known of it. universal craftsmen council of engineers Brothers O.N. Pomeroy and Benjamin Dettlebaek, stationary steam engineers of Cleveland, Ohio, in the course of a friendly meeting, October 20, 1898, conversed about an organization being formed of eng... universala framasona ligo The Esperanto--auxiliary language-- name for Universal Masonic League, an organization founded on August 30, 1913, at Berne, in Switzerland, the object being to further the intimacy of relations betwe... universalists, order of A Society of a Masonic bearing, founded by Retif de la Bretonne, in Paris, about 1841, and having but one Degree. universality of freemasonry The boast of the Emperor Charles V, that the sun never set on his vast Empire, may be applied with equal truth to the Order of Freemasonry. From East to West, and from North to South, over the whole h... universals, the european The prime characteristic of feudalism, the form of society left behind by the Barbarian Invasions of the Dark Ages, was its localism, or atomism. There was a castle here, a fortress there, an abbey, a... universi terrarum, etc. The document semanating from any of the Bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite commence with the following epigraph: Universi Terrarum Orbis Architectonisper Cloriam Ingentis, meaning By the... universities, and freemasons The universities had their rise in Salerno, Prague, Warsaw, Paris, Cologne, Dublin, Oxford, Cambridge, etc., at about the same time as the earliest development of Gothic architecture. Their history ha... university lodges A university Lodge is any regular Lodge "on the campus" of a college or university, and designed to serve the needs of faculty and students. In America such a Lodge has no special membership... unknown philosopher One of the mystical and theosophic works written by Saint Martin, the founder of the Rite of Martinism, was entitled Le Philosophe Inconnu, or The Unknown Philosopher, whence the appellation was of te... unknown superiors When the Baron Von Hund established his system or Rite of Strict Observance, he declared that the Order was directed by certain Freemasons of superior rank, whose names as well as their designs were t... unpublished records of the craft A work thus entitled and edited by the late brother Hughan, was published in 1871, forming part of the book called Masonic Sketches and Reprints and containing many manuscripts of value, theretofore u... untempered mortar In the lecture used in the United States in the early part of the nineteenth century, and in some parts of the Country almost as recently as the middle of the century, the Apprentices at the Temple we... unutterable name The Tetragrammaton, or Divine Name, which is more commonly called the ineffable Name The two words are precisely synonymous. unworthy members That there are men in our Order whose lives and characters reflect no credit on the Institution, whose ears turn coldly from its beautiful lessons of morality, whose hearts are untouched by its soothi... upadevas Minor Sanskrit works regarded as appendices to the four Canonical Vedas, and comprising the Ayureveda on medicine, the Dhanurueda, on archery, the Gndharvaveda, on music, and the Silpasstra, or Arthas... upanishad A Sanskrit word meaning Mystic. A name given to certain Sanskrit works, of which about one hundred and fifty are known, and founded upon the Brahmana portion of the Vedas, containing the "mysteri... upper chambers The practice of holding Masonic Lodges in the upper rooms of houses is so universal that, in all his experience, Doctor Mackey had no knowledge of a single instance in which a Lodge has been held in a... upright man and mason And given it strictly in charge ever to walk and act as such before God and Man Admonition in the Apprentice Degree. The definition of Man is interwoven with the Triangle or Pyramid, hence true and up... upright posture The upright posture of the Apprentice in the Northeast Corner, as a symbol of upright conduct, was emphasized in the ritual by Preston, who taught in his lectures that the candidate then represented &... ur Hebrew, meaning Are. Masonically alludes to fire, lights or spirit uriel Hebrew, meaning the fire of God. An Archangel, mentioned only in Second Esdras. Michael Glyeas, the Byzantine historian, says that his post is in the sun, and that he came down to Seth and Enoch, and ... urim and thummim The Hebrew words Aurzm, and Thummim, have been variously translated by commentators. The Septuagint translates them, "manifestation and truth"; the Vulgate, "doctrine and truth:" A... uriot, joseph The author of a work entitled Leveritable Portrait d'un Franc-Magon or the True Portrait of a Freemason which was published by a Lodge at Frankfort, in 1742. It may be looked upon, says Kloss, as... urn Among the ancients, cinerary urns were in common use to hold the ashes of the deceased after the body had been subjected to incremation, which was the usual mode of disposing of it. He who would desir... uruguay A republic of South America. The Grand Orient of France is said to have chartered a Lodge in Uruguay in 1827, but there is no definite evidence to support this statement. Lodge No.217, Asilio de la Vi... usages The peculiarity of constant intercourse between the Kings of Israel and Tyre pending the construction of the Holy House, has been frequently commented upon. That this was so is evident from the old sa... use and abuse of freemasonry Book, was published in 1783 at London, by Captain George Smith, Inspector of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, England, and the Provincial Grand Master of Kent, 1777-81. While Master of a Lodge ... utah Grand Secretary Sam H. Goodwin in his investigations of early Freemasonry in Utah has brought to light many note worthy facts. He finds the first Lodge organized in Utah was among soldiers of the Unit... Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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