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z The Hebrew letter, Zain. Twenty-sixth and last letter of the English alphabet. In Hebrew the numerical value is seven. This letter was added to the Latin from the Greek in the time of Cicero. The Gr... zabud An historical personage at the court of King Solomon, whose name appears in several of the advanced Degrees. In that of Select Master in the American Rite, it has been corrupted into Izabud. He is men... zabulon The Greek wording of Zebulun, the tenth son of Jaeob. Delaunay (Thuileur, page 79) says that some ritualists suppose that this was the true form of the word of which Jabulum is a corruption. This is i... zadkiel The name of one of the angels of the seven planets, according to the Jewish Rabbis--the angel of the planet Jupiter. zadok A personage in some of the Ineffable Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. In Scripture he is recorded as having been one of the two chief Priests in the time of David, Abiathar being the... zaphnath-paaneah An Egyptian title given to the Patriarch Joseph by the Egyptian King under whom he was Viceroy. The name has been interpreted Revealer of secrets, and is a password in the old instructions of the Anci... zarathustra The name, in the Zend language, of that great reformer in religion more commonly known to Europeans as Zoroaster, which see. zarriel The angel that, in accordance with the Cabalistical system, governs the sun. zarthan The Zarthan of First Kings (vii, 46) appears to be the same place as the Zeredathah of Second Chronicles (iv 17). In the Masonic lectures, the latter word is always used (see Zeredathah). * ZARVAN-... zeal Ever since the Revival in 1717, for it is found in the earliest lectures, it was taught that Apprentices served their Masters with "Freedom, Fervency, and Zeal"j and the symbols of the first... zebulon Son of Jacob and Leah; in the Exodus his Tribe marched next to Judah and Issachar, and received the territory bounded on the East by the southern half of the Lake of Galilce, including Rimmon, Nazaret... zechariah "The son of Iddo," born in Babylonia during the Captivity, who joined Zerubbabel on his return to Palestine. A leader and a man of influence, being both Priest and Prophet. zedekiah A personage in some of the advanced Degrees, whose melancholy fate is described in the Second Book of Kings and in the prophecies of Jeremiah. He was the twentieth and last King of Judah. When Nebucha... zelator The word has two meanings of importance. 1. The First Degree of the German Rose Croix. The title expresses the spirit of emulation which should characterize the neophyte. 2. The First Degree in the Fi... zemzem The holy well at Mecca in Arabia. Mecca was the birthplace of the prophet Mahomet, Muhammad, or Mohammed--the last name commonly used--founder of the religion bearing his name. zenana The inner portion of a gentleman 's house in India, devoted to the use of females. In contrast with the front or men's portion, it is devoid of comforts. Each woman has a small cell, on the ... zendavesta The scriptures of the Zoroastrian religion containing the doctrines of Zoroaster. Avesta means the sacred text, and Ze7zd the commentary. The work as we now have it is supposed to have been collected... zenith That point in the heavens which is vertical to the spectator, and from which a perpendicular line passing through him and extended would reach the center of the earth. From of old the documents of the... zennaar The sacred cord used in the Hindustance initiation, which writers on ritualism have compared to the Masonic Apron. Between eight and fifteen years of age, every Hindu boy is imperatively required to r... zeraias One of the three officers appointed by King Solomon to superintend the hewing of the timbers in the Forests of Lebanon. zerbal The name of King Solomon's Captain of the Guards, in the Degree of Intimate Secretary. No such person is mentioned in Scripture, and it is therefore an invention of the ritualist who fabricated t... zeredathah The name of the place between which and Succoth are the clay grounds where Hiram Abif is said to have cast the brazen utensils for the use of the Temple (see Clay Ground). zerubbabel Pronounced Zer-oobbawbel, the accent or emphasis on the last syllable. In writing the life of Zerubbabel from a Masonic point of view, it is incumbent that reference should be made to the legends as w... zetland, thomas dundas, earl of One of the most noted of the noblemen of England, born in 1795, and initiated in the Prince of Wales Lodge, No. 259, on June 18, 1830. Appointed Junior Grand Warden in 1832, Deputy in 1839, Pro Grand ... zeus Greatest of the national deities of Greece, son of Chronos and Rhea, brother of Poseidon and Hera, and husband of the latter. Mostly worshiped in Cretel Arcadia, and Dodona. Finally the great Hellenic... zi In the Izdubar legends, a kind of spiritual essence residing in every organic thing, each created object having its special Zi, of which the Supreme Being was a more exalted genus. Zi was also by a pa... zicu or ziggara The Accadian name for primeval matter. zif Hastings Dictionary of the Bible says, "seemingly the bright month," referring to Zif, and that this was later called Iyyar . The eighth month of the civil and the second of the sacred year ... zillah Wife of Lamech, and mother of Tubal Cain and Naamah. One of the few females mentioned as of the antediluvian or before the Deluge period. zinnendorf, johann wilhelm von Few men made more noise in German Freemasonry, or had warmer friends or more bitter enemies, than Johann Wilhelm Ellenberger, who, in consequence of his adoption by his mother's brother, took sub... zinnendorf, rite of A Rite invented by Count Von Zinnendorf, and fabricated out of some imperfect copies of the Swedish system, with additions from the Illuminism of Avignon and the reveries of Svedenborg. It consisted o... zinzendorf, count von, nicolaus ludwig Founder of the existing sect of Moravian Brethren; also of a religious society which he called the Order of the Grain of Mustard-Seed. He was ordained Bishop of the Moravians in 1737, and at request o... zion Mount Zion was the southwestern of the three hills which constituted the high table-land on which Jerusalem was built. It was the royal residence and hence it is often called the City of David. The na... zithern An instrument of music of twenty-eight strings drawn over a shallow box; both hands are employed in playing on it. zizon This is said, in one of the Ineffable Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, to be the name of the balustrade before the Sanctum Sanctorum. There is no such word in Hebrew, but it may be a... zoan An Egyptian town, known to the Greeks as Tanais, presumed to have been founded 3700 B.C., and probably the residence of the Pharaohs of the Exodus. zodiac Many of the Egyptian temples contain astronomical representations; notably those of Esneh, Contra Latopolis, and Denderah, which were famous for their zodiacal ceilings. Antiquity was accorded to the ... zodiac, masonic The French name is Zodiaquz Maonnique, a series of twelve Degrees, named after the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the first being the Ram. It was in the series of the Metropolitan Chapter of France, and ... zohar The Hebrew word, meaning Splendor. After the surrender of Jerusalem, through the victory of Vespasian, among the fugitives was Rabbi Simon Ben Jochai, who remained an Anehorite for twelve years, becam... zohariti A Hebrew word meaning the I Iluminated. At Society founded by Jacob Franck at the beginning of the eighteenth century. zonar The symbolic girdle of the Christians and Jews worn in the Levant, as a mark of distinction, that they may be known from the Mohammedans. zoroaster More correctly, Zarathustra. He was the Legislator and Prophet of the ancient Baetrians, out of whose doctrines the modern religion of the Parsees has been developed. As to the age in which Zoroaster ... zschokke, j. h. d. One of the most eminent Freemasons and German authors known. Born at Magdeburg, 1771, died 1848. zuni indians A tribe inhabiting New Mexico, United States of America, whose mystic services have attracted the attention of Masonic scholars in consequence of their similarity to those in vogue by the Masonic Frat... zurthost The name given by the modern Parsees to Zarathustra or Zoroaster. They call him their prophet, and their religious sect the Zarthosti Community Owned & Operated Exclusively by Members of the Masonic Family
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